Monday, June 14, 2010

Loren Burkhart, asks are you Sick of Doctors?

If you are sick of docors, join Lorne Burhart for some information on how to take back the management of your health care.
Own It! Your body that is!

Chances are you take care of your car, your house and other belongings.

But do you take care of your body?

Let’s think for a minute here about the three parts of the medical system. They are the patient, the physician and everything else – hospitals, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Which of these three do you think wields the power? Probably none of you guessed the patient because you have let the system make you feel powerless. But think of it like this – none of them would have a business if there were no patients. Well, how about that?! Are you beginning to get the idea about life in the “medical fast track?”

It’s not all up to your doctor and medical team to take care of you—the patient. It’s up to you!

The AMA has a Healthier Life Steps program outlined on its Web site. Cited are four key health behaviors, poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, and excessive or risky use of alcohol. These behaviors are significantly related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other conditions.

Do you eat right, exercise… drink alcohol in moderation? Not smoke?

How many times has your doctor given you orders when you’re sick and you disobey? How many times does the doctor offer two options: healthy living or a prescription? Which do you choose?

Oftentimes, your medical doctor doesn’t talk much about good health practices. They have been trained to cure sickness, not to keep you healthy. There is plenty of information available about good health practices, so there is no excuse for being overweight, smoking, or other known hazards to your health. I’m sure that all of you have heard the list of problems that accompany being overweight. Personally, I’ve never understood why anyone chooses to make them self sick. I find that I have my hands full just living with the effects of age and genes.

When are you going to take responsibility for your own body? Does it belong to you or your doctor? Isn’t it the most precious part of your life? Then act like it!

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