Saturday, January 20, 2007

Introduction to me

With tempatures finally below zero it is begining to feel more like a Wisconsin January should feel. We have enough snow to cover the ground, so it seems like winter and a couple snowmobilers are trying to prove winter hasn't forgotten us totally. But, all in all this has been the mildest winter I have ever seen.

I've lived on the Michigan Wisconsin border most of my growing years spending some years in Michigan, some in Wisconsin. A move to Colorado, twice, and back to Wisconsin, just proved to me you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take Wisconsin out of the girl. No matter how beautiful other areas of the world are, I find I'm home in Wisconsin. The small town of Amberg is typical of the state. Warm friendly people involved in all sorts of philanthropic and educational things, as well as hard work for a meager living etched from the available jobs in the area.

Myself, I am a mystery/suspense author who began publishing in 2003 with my first book manuscript accepted at Wings Press, Inc. You can read excerpts/first chapters of all my books published since then on my web site at To date I have had 18 books published under my name and two pseudonmys. I've self published a couple at and I have several free available by sending me an email. Check out the free stuff page on my website.

I will share more about me as well as some things of interest in the future here on my blog. If you have a mind to, I have a small writers group who makes their home on Yahoo called Word Mage - you'll find them at Please come by and visit. The gang is always ready with a warm welcome and some pretty much fun stuff going on. The website for the group is Come on over and check us out.
Make it a fantastic day! More later, Billie