Monday, October 22, 2012

So Many Books--So Little Time

So many books—so little time or so it seems when I look at the stack growing on my desk. Some deserve immediate attention though. For instance:

Ellen Hopkins' books for the Young Adult audience are written in verse. [Tilt, Perfect, Collateral, Fallout – to name but a few ] A very unique and interesting style, to say the least.  Some pages the occasional words, still part of the verse, but running down one side or the other almost as a side bar, are a sentence themselves when read alone; but, they add meaning when you read the full version in verse including those words. So unique, edgy, but wonderful. She has many books, you'll think --so little time, how can I read them all.  Thank you Autumn for introducing her to our Amberg Writers Group. If you haven't seen her books yet, so a search on Amazon and be prepared to be impressed and pleased, even if you aren't a young adult. These books are good! [Amazon link ]

Ellery Queen—Did you know---I'm embarrassed to say, I didn't—he is not real, he's the pseudonym of two men, Frederick Dannay and Manfred Lee. I picked up a copy of The Finishing Stroke, copyright 1958. It was recommended reading by my instructor, Carolyn Wheat, at The Long Ridge Writers Group School, because my work in progress is about twins who were separated from their brother at birth. It means they were actually triplets—strange premise I thought, perhaps, but—Ms. Wheat's suggestion to read The Finishing Stroke proves, at least to me, there are no new ideas, only new ways authors look at and choose to show them.

Novels in verse, Ellen Hopkins unique perspective, two men writing as one whom we've known forever as Ellery Queen, or even Angela Lansbury's novels written by her Murder She Wrote character, Jessica Fletcher. Creativity-- not trickery, it's uniqueness that counts.