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IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!! Jordan Dane

We've been following her blog tour - we've been reading her excerpts and chapters now it's time to have some fun:

Are We Ready to P-A-R-T-Y!?!

The “Show—Not Tell” Virtual Book Tour is almost a wrap and we’ve been gearing up all month for the “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!” for debut author Jordan Dane. Be here Sunday March 30th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern US time. (The virtual bar will be open, but feel free to BYOB.) The place: The Writer’s Chatroom, of course!

Since March 5th, “newcomer” Jordan Dane has been the guest of honor at 7 virtual book tour stops sponsored by The Writer’s Chatroom. She’s been open to all questions and has shared personal and business information with anyone who stopped by. The last stop on the tour is hosted by Glenn Walker, founder of TWC, on March 29th at

There will be prizes galore up for grabs at the P-A-R-T-Y. Every person who interacted with Jordan at the VBT stops, except for the host at each tour stop, is eligible to win one of FIVE gift cards to B&N bookstores. (If the hosts stopped by at other tour stops, they are eligible and entered there.) The more comments left by each person, the more chances to win. So far, Tina M. Russo holds the record for having the most entries. Her prize for that? Just click on her name/hotlink to her website. It’s all about the marketing, folks. (Tina has a very nice website, btw.)

More opportunities to win prizes:
The Browse Inside Link:
Jordan’s contest page:

And … there will be even MORE prizes given away during the P-A-R-T-Y!

Jordan sold SIX books to Avon/HarperCollins before the first one, No One Heard Her Scream, was released on March 25th. She has back-to-back releases in April and May for the next two! And, she’s currently at work on her next series.

Don’t know about you, but I wannabe like Jordan! I want to learn just how she managed to do that, how she markets, how she plans her stories, how she sells them, and how she plans to get to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list! If you’re a Jordan wannabe like me, check out what she had to say at the VBT stops:

Billie Williams at
Linda J. Hutchinson at
Kim Richards at
Lisa Haselton at
Cricket Sawyer at
Diana Castilleja at
Renee’ Barnes at
Glenn Walker at

See you at the “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!” on March 30th at TWC!

Linda J. Hutchinson
TWC team member/moderator
Freelance writer/copywriter

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Writer Beware - A New Form of HighJacking

Do you send your books media mail? I have an alert for you - If for any reason that book has to come back to you, you will wind up paying the postage again.

Recently, I sent a book I was donating to our Marinette County Sheriff's Department because they are mentioned (in a good light) in my book Small Town Secrets. I dedicated it to the men in blue (or brown as is the case here). So the book is of absolutely no use to me or anyone else - but -- Please excuse me while I rant.

So here's the story. I used the address listed in our phone book for the Marinette County Sheriff's Department physical location--the book was returned - the post mistress informed me their forwarding address had expired--HUH??????

It's not like I'm sending this package to Chicago, or Denver or New York even - where there are probably as many police stations as churches. I'm sending it to a small Midwestern Wisconsin town, sure it's 50 miles away but that is our county--it stretches for miles. But there is only one Sheriff's Department. They left and left no forwarding address - or at least none that the Post Office knows of. So in order for me to get my book back that is now worthless, I had to pay another $2.13 --so here is the breakdown of that stellar attempt to donate a book in appreciation for services rendered.

The book cost me $10.15, I paid $2.13 to send it out after it already cost me 70 cents in postage when I ordered it from my publisher, so we are already at $12.98 for the book, now I pay another $2.13 to get it back in my hands

- now this book has cost me $15.11 cents. Considering my royalty on this book is $1.80 cents, but I don't get that because I bought the book at the author's discount -- I am in the hole to the tune of $7.46 even if I don't count the book a total loss - which it is.

So Writer beware - do not send your printed words by media mail unless you are absolutely sure your recipient hasn't moved and had their forwarding order expire.
Live and learn. And the underpaid, over worked, get socked again. Thank you United States Postal Service!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You Won't Want to Miss This!!


If you’ve been reading these announcements you’re aware that we have been conducting a Virtual Book Tour for debut author Jordan Dane for over a month.

We’re down to the final stretch—and who better to bring it home than The Writer’s Chatroom’s own—Renee’ Barnes and Glenn Walker!

Stop by these last two stops on the tour to find out even more about our featured author—who sold SIX books to Avon HarperCollins before the first one hit print.

Jordan is a dynamo! She not only writes well but understands the publishing industry and knows how to market herself. Learn from her while imagining yourself in her position. She is one to watch, one to learn from, and one to emulate if you want to be a successful novelist. “If you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it!”

Every comment you leave at a tour stop enters you to win one of many fabulous prizes!

March 26 Renee’ Barnes at
March 29 TWC founder Glenn Walker at

More opportunities to win prizes:
The Browse Inside Link:
Jordan’s contest page:

And then GET READY TO P-A-R-T-Y! Sunday, March 30th is the date and you are invited! The party starts at 7:00 p.m. Eastern US time.

If you’ve missed any of the tour stops, please stop in before the P-A-R-T-Y! to read the interviews with Jordan. Be ready to L-A-U-N-C-H your burning questions at her this coming Sunday.

Billie Williams at
Linda J. Hutchinson at
Kim Richards at
Lisa Haselton at
Cricket Sawyer at
Diana Castilleja at

Friday, March 21, 2008

One of the Things Writers Must Do...

Is promote and we are always on the look out for new marketing and promoting ideas -- here is one I gleaned as I was looking at my new cover for my first published book Death by Candlelight released by Wings ePress, Inc in 2001. by Jerry Simmons


If you are prolific in your writing and have multiple books in print, you need to consider adding a chapter of your previous book, or books, in the back of your new book. You need to promote your previous titles on the back cover of your new title. Include a cover image, ISBN, and price. If you’re not promoting your backlist then you’re losing a great opportunity. It doesn’t matter if they are written for a different category, as long as they are all written by the same author. Don’t miss out!

I have hear another opinion on this obviously smart idea though. Some readers say when they read a first chapter they may, when browsing another title by the same author decide that they had already read the book, and not purchase it because they remember the first chapter. Who picks up a book and reads say the 3rd chapter. Perhaps a better idea would be to pick another chapter from the book to display in the back of a new release so as not to confuse the reader.

It is a good idea I'm sure or the New York Publishing Houses would not be using it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jordan Dane is visiting Cricket Sawyer today

you can catch up with her at so come on over and see what words of wisdom she will offer readers and writers today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dr. Capista's Blog Tour Update

I thought you might like to know how successful Dr. Capista's blog tour was, when I hosted him it was a brief stop on his very busy tour - and it paid off.

Dr. Joe's book, What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? made it to #1 for hot new releases in both Entrepreneur and Motivation categories on on March 2, 2008 . The book also made it in the top 10 in three categories. Your blog postings contributed to the success of the book.

The page acknowledging all the bloggers involved in the tour is located at

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Announcing Jordan Dane - Author

We’ve certainly had some great comments during each stop of the Virtual Book Tour
for Jordan Dane.
Why was she chosen to be our first vic … I mean featured author?
Because she has a very professional website.
Because she has a very professional blog.
Because she has a presence on MySpace and other networking sites around the ‘Net.
Because she attends every writer’s conference she can possibly get to
to network with successful writers, editors, agents.
Because she promotes herself as a professional writer.
She isn’t resting on her laurels after having sold SIX books
to Avon HarperCollins before the first one hit print.
If you’re like me and wannabe like Jordan, take a look
at how you’re promoting yourself. Does your website look
like a novice put it together Do you remember to blog
more than once a month Do you network with other writers?
Or do you do like too many very good should-be-published writers
… and hunker down in the corner pretending that you’ve done
everything you can and the publishing world and all
its agents are against you?
Think about that as you visit the next stops on
The Writer’s Chatroom’ “Show—Not Tell” virtual
book tour featuring debut author Jordan Dane.
Jordan and Avon HarperCollins are offering
opportunities to win great prizes all along the tour.
Next up:

March 19 Cricket Sawyer


March 22 Diana Castilleja


Give yourself every advantage to learn from this marketing dynamo—

who just happens to also be a very good writer—

and read the interviews and comments at previous stops:

Billie Williams at

Linda J. Hutchinson at

Kim Richards at

Lisa Haselton at

And don’t forget to come to the “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!” on March 30th! There are prizes galore!

Friday, March 14, 2008

News Contest Jordan Dane

·        Visit each stop of the Jordan Dane
Virtual Book Tour

and leave a comment (with your name).
Each stop enters you into the drawing
to be held at the live “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!”
on March 30th.
(Up for grabs are FIVE $20 gift
cards to B&N bookstores.)
·         Stop by Jordan’s website:  
Jordan Dane says, “By going to my
website contest page, you get an
exclusive sneak peek inside my
book-up to 20% of it. And to
celebrate my first release, my
publisher is giving you three d
ifferent ways to WIN
or OTHER BOOKS from HarperCollins.
Click on the links below for more details.”
·        The Browse Inside Link:
·        Visit Jordan’s contest page:
·        Show up for the live “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!”
on March 30th!
Who knows what might be up for grabs there!
After all is said and done, this is TWC.
Next up on the tour:

March 19 Cricket Sawyer at

March 22 Diana Castilleja at

March 26 Renee’ Barnes at

March 29 TWC founder Glenn Walker at

Jordan has had plenty to say in our TWC interviews.

If you haven’t already done so, visit these previous

stops for some first-hand info on how to succeed as a novelist:

Billie Williams at

Linda J. Hutchinson at

Kim Richards at

Lisa Haselton at


Thursday, March 6, 2008

No One Heard Her Scream, by Jordan Dane

A review from Linda Hutchinson who will host Jordan Dane next on her blog tour.

Debut author Jordan Dane was in top form at the first stop of The Writer's Chatroom's "SHOW--NOT TELL" virtual book tour at the blog home of Billie Williams.

Next stop? My own blog: on March 8th.

Please feel free to leave comments. Since Jordan has thrown a contest into the fray, your comments automatically enter you into a drawing for one of FIVE $20 gift cards to—what else?—a great bookstore. Winners will be announced at the live “Launch P-A-R-T-Y!” on March 30th at THE WRITER'S CHATROOM. We'll also be drawing for those valuable first copies of NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM at the party.

Here's my review:

Title: No One Heard Her Scream

by Jordan Dane

Avon Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061252785

Dani Montgomery is but one of the missing, and presumed dead, young women from around San Antonio, TX. She is the focus, and the force, of tough homicide detective Rebecca Montgomery. When Becca is told to stay away from the investigation into Dani’s disappearance, her boss puts her on another case—that of a body found behind a brick wall in an old theater that has been torched.

As Becca investigates the crime scene she realizes she’s being watched by more than one stranger, but one is deliciously tall, dark and dangerous. When she visits the former owner of the theater, a notorious mob boss, she is loathe to find her stranger is his enforcer.

Becca trusts her gut to tie it all together, with the help of one watchful stranger and without the help of the other.

Piecing together evidence at the theater gives rise to the title. NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM by debut author Jordan Dane is a romantic thriller with all the great elements; intrigue, debauchery, retribution and redemption—with libido to match.

Reviewed by: Linda J. Hutchinson

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Meet Rising Best Selling Author Jordan Dane

Hi Jordan,
I'm so delighted you decided to stop at Printed Words on your blog tour. I am extremely excited about your up coming book No One Heard Her Scream The title alone is enough to send shivers up my spine.

Let's pretend you are in my living room enjoying a cup of tea. We'll get cozy in front of the fire place and chat like old friends if you don't mind.

Billie: Can you tell us what you think is the one mental characteristic necessary to craft a believable suspenseful tale like No One Heard Her Scream?

Jordan - Good question. And my first response is that the author has to be willing to look into the deviant mind and convey that criminal element to the reader with the right amount of finesse not to turn them off. It’s sometimes a fine line we tread. When I get to those moments of portraying the victim’s story, I put myself into every moment as if it’s real time, not skimping a thing. I’ve heard it said that writers should write what they know. But recently, I read an email from author Lee Child that advised—write what you fear. I love that.

Billie: What will I like about your heroine?

Jordan - I particularly admire law enforcement types. Can you imagine what courage it takes to hear a gunshot and race toward it instead of cowering away in fear? I wanted to portray a courageous heroine haunted by the violent death of her sister while still trying to carry on with her homicide job and dealing with other victims’ families. Becca Montgomery is intelligent, strong and funny with plenty of street smarts—my “girl next door” with a gun. She’s got savvy instincts when it comes to men and great taste in Mexican food and single-malt scotch.

Billie:If you could have written any of the books out there by other authors, which one would you pick?

Jordan – The way this question is phrased, it implies that I might be envious of someone else’s work. I never see a brilliant piece of work and wish I’d written it. I take great pleasure in reading it and celebrate the author’s talent. And being an avid reader, I spread the word. My biggest competition is not other authors. It’s within me.

Billie: Thank you for that answer Jordan. I didn't really mean that you would wish to have written that person's book, just what author has a style that you really would like to emulate or that has helped you in your writing, but what they have written. So I guess the question should be--what author do you admire - or who do you see yourself as writing like?

To answer the question on a top pick, however, I’d say there are too many good books out there to pick only one. But if pressed, I’d have to say that Robert Crais’ Forgotten Man and LA Requiem rank high on my list. I had never seen my style in other author’s work until I read Crais. And it’s not that I see me comparable to him, but that I see where I’d like to be. He pours his soul into his Elvis Cole PI series based in Los Angeles and he does it with humor. I like that. And whenever he adds a little romance to the mix, I’m in heaven.

Billie: How do you refill your energy well? What do you do besides writing that brings you joy?

Jordan- Right now, I’m very focused on my work and busy writing my next romantic thriller series – Sweet Justice. I do enjoy writing full time and get jazzed by the worlds I build on paper. Getting this much attention for my work as a debut author has been a dream come true. Outside of my writing, I love my home and my life with my dear sweet husband. And I love traveling. When I worked with the energy industry, I lived in Texas, California, Alaska (for 10 years), Wisconsin, and now Oklahoma. And I also can be considered a fish wrangler. We’re raising baby Koi and have a beautiful pond in my backyard. Who knew baby fish faces could be so cute? And being home writing these days, I am rediscovering the idiosyncrasies of our two cats and our sweet old dog.

Billie: I'm thrilled to hear you lived in Wisconsin because that is where I have spent most of my life. I always like to hear about the “behind the scenes” of a title and I am sure my readers would like to hear this too. Tell us a bit about the “behind the scenes” of No One Heard Her Scream. For instance, what was the catalyst that prompted you to write this book? Is the book loosely based upon any happenings in your own life, or anyone you know?

Jordan - The title NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM actually came from a dialogue line, an exchange between my homicide detective Becca and her CSI tech when she examines the skeletal remains of a young girl. She realizes from the evidence that the girl was buried alive. I never had to change that title. And all the houses involved in the auction when I sold loved it too. Once I had that title, however, the other books needed to be tweaked to fit the “No One” series. Those titles now reflect actual lines of dialogue from the individual stories. I read an Elizabeth Lowell book – The Color of Death – where she did that and I liked the idea.

And elements of real crime usually influence my writing. I’ve got a Q&A on my site that gives more on this, but aspects of the Natalee Holloway abduction case in Aruba and a personal story (told to me by a friend whose sister was murdered) also became the emotional underpinnings to my debut story.

Billie: How would you describe your creative process while writing this novel? Was it stream-of-consciousness writing, or did you first write an outline? How long did it take you to write it?

Jordan- I’m not a plotter. I’ve tried to be better organized, but I’m impatient and prefer to start any book by thinking about the major plot points, like those mentioned in the 9-Act Structure for Screenplays under my FOR WRITERS page on my website. I let my mind dwell and work the plot points, get them set in my head, and then I dive in writing. I don’t fret about how to connect the dots. I work out my transitions as I go, exploring the best way to tell the story. No outline. My ideas have all been instigated from real crime stories—my take on them—and sometimes more than one crime will be meshed together. I love a challenge.

I see books unfold in my head like watching a movie. Sometimes characters get me up in the middle of the night. I have pens and paper all over the house and I use them when this happens. I’ve got more of my process and craft on my website under the For Writers page – check out my Start with a BANG article. And my FIRST SALE story is there too. (Author Sharon Sala played a big part in how I sold. You’ll want to read about it. She’s an amazing woman.)

I like to say that I sacrificed a body part for my first novel. And I wrote most of it in six weeks while I was home on medical leave from major surgery. Once my brain worked out this complex plot, it poured from me. I was writing three chapters a week, fully edited. But when I was done, I knew I had something special. My characters had shared their story, allowing me to be their scribe.

Billie: How was your experience in looking for a publisher? What words of advice would you offer those novice authors who are in search of one?

Jordan – To get noticed and network, I did a number of things. I’m a recovering contest diva and I went to various conferences from nationals to locals. I pitched to agents/editors, was a finalist in the Golden Heart in 2005 and sent out many proposals. I’ve received countless rejections too, including a couple from my current agent, the amazing Meredith Bernstein. I think it’s important to find a good agent to get an author exposed to a broader range of publishing houses that might best fit their future career. (It’s a harder goal to achieve than landing a contract with a publishing house since an agent is looking for a client with career prospects and future books in them. But it’s a goal worth pursuing.)

I had five full manuscripts out from RWA contests, a pending contract with one publisher for virtually no advance (on my second book in the series), and I had turned down the first agent who offered representation. In hindsight, there were so many roads I could have taken, but I’m very thankful I stayed the course—believing in my work and where I wanted to be. I often tell people that landing a contract with Avon HarperCollins in auction was equivalent to being struck by lightening.

When it came time to stir up an auction, my agent got me into 6-7 new houses that had not seen my work before. And this all happened over a ten-day period via email and phone calls—a real whirlwind that I’ll never forget. Looking back, it all seemed like I knew what I was doing, but that definitely wasn’t true. Luck and opportunity played a part.

And now that I’m on the greener side of the pasture, I’ve learned so much about print runs, marketing campaigns, author promotion, etc. But in the end, the author’s main goal is to write the best book they know how to do. And that’s good advice for all of us.

Billie: Jordan thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to chat with us today - I can't tell you what a pleasure it has been to visit with you. Please come back when your next two books are released. We'll invite everyone to come join us. We can visit your website in the mean time and keep an eye on what you are doing at

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who is Dr. Joe Capista? and Why Should You Care?

I am sure you will understand when you read the interview with this amazing man below.


Dr. Joe Capista

Speaker, Author, Dentist

Media, Pennsylvania

What can a dentist teach you about business, life and success?

· ISBN-10: 0965815951

  1. Where you are from and where are you now?
    I reside in Media, Pennsylvania with my wife of 34 years. I have a dental practice in Broomall. I have lived in this area all my life. My roots are here, my family is here, and my community is here. I’m a Pennsylvanian through and through.

  1. How did you get started writing?

Not counting all the goals I have written over the years and the business plans, I officially began writing with my newly released book called What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? Discover Secrets to Achieving Total Success!

I have owned and operated my dental practice for over 30 years. I grew my practice from a 1-chair struggling practice to a multi-million dollar business with nearly 50 team members.

For years I have mentored business professionals and done training courses on how to build a business. I found I had a knack and passion for sharing my information. Initially, my work was with other dentists, but it grew into working with a variety of business types.

Over the last few years I have also done presentations to business groups. My writing was a natural evolution from my business success and working with others. The more I worked with others and did presentations the question came up frequently as to when I was going to write a book.

I had entertained the thought for some time, but about a year ago I decided that I would write a book. The book is a culmination of my business philosophy as well as overall success in all areas of one’s life.

What people will read in the book is not your typical business book. I combine a very pragmatic and spiritual approach to what I call Total Success.

  1. What do you do when you are not writing?

When not writing I can be found doing a number of different things. One being, I still practice dentistry. I love dentistry. Always have and probably always will. I can also be found giving speeches, running, spending time with my family, traveling and overall, enjoying life.

  1. What would readers like to know about you?

I think readers would like to know that I am very passionate about what I do in all areas of my life. I believe we create our own happiness by our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Although I am blessed with an extremely successful life, it wasn’t always like that. I grew up in an average blue-collar neighborhood and struggled in school as a kid. And yet, from as far back as I can remember I wanted to be a dentist. I can remember digging in the dirt and filling up the holes pretending I was filling a cavity. That was at the age of 10.

Early on I didn’t get a lot of support for my dream. My high school guidance counselor, Father Melton told me I should pick a different goal rather than trying to become a dentist.

It was at that point I formed the belief that we can either believe what another person thinks is best for our life or follow our own dream. I will forever be grateful I followed my dream. Because of it I have had an incredible life.

I think what your readers would also be interested in know is that along with my dream came a lot of hard work. It didn’t just happen. I had to work for what I wanted.

  1. What inspired your first book?

The desire to document the very systems that have allowed me to create the life I have. These systems don’t just apply to building a successful dental practice. They can apply to virtually any type of business.

  1. How many books have you written?

This is my first. I do have plans for more books though.

  1. What are the titles of your books and what genres are they?

What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? Discover Secrets to Creating Total Success!

  1. How do you decide on that topic or genre?

I follow my instinct. That is how I have done many things in my life.

  1. How do you manage to keep yourself focused and on track?

Actually, there is a whole chapter in my book about how to stay focused and on track. I am very clear on the fact that having a laser beam approach to what I want to accomplish makes all the difference as to whether I achieve something or not.

  1. Do you write to make money or for the love of writing?

For the love of writing and yet, because I do know how to make money from various ventures I have been involved in, it is very likely I will make great money from my writing. I think an advantage I have in writing about business is the opportunities that have opened up with my speaking and mentoring. The book was released in late December and already I have had some incredible things happen as a result. One is, with one speaking engagement I did, a gentleman who heard me nominated me for the Small Business Owner of the Year Award for a very large Chamber of Commerce in my area.

The recognition this will give me, my book and my business may not be able to be measure in exact return and yet I do know it will open up other opportunities.

Something I believe in is that nothing is an end in and of itself. Everything we do either moves us closer to our goals or further away. When I wrote the book I didn’t write it to make money. And yet, because of the marketing we are doing with the book, money will be a natural outcome of my writing.

  1. What are some traditional methods of marketing you have used?

I have a marketing firm on the West Coast who is handling a lot of my marketing. I know that we have had a lot of media releases sent to the press that have given the book visibility. I have done dozens of presentations to local associations that has also gained some nice visibility. I have a very nice media kit with a beautiful sell sheet. One thing we have made sure of is to create an identity for the book.

  1. What are some unique methods of marketing you have used?

We have been using the Internet a great deal. Lots of blogging about the book as well as an campaign where dozens of Joint Venture Partners are helping to get the word out about my book. I have done lots of web radio interviews as well as article writing and distribution online. I am launching a series of teleseminars that will all be in some way connected to an aspect of the book.

  1. Do you sell through a website? If so, what’s the address? If not, why not?

Most definitely.

  1. Where can people order your books?

They can order it directly from my site and they can order from

  1. What format are your books – e-book, print, audio etc?

At this point the book is only available as hardcopy. I do have an eBook available on my site on how to build a multi-million dollar business.

  1. Will you write more books?

Most definitely.

  1. What do you have in the works now?

Right now I am continuing to build my speaking business. I am in conversations with some business associates about starting a full-fledged training company. That is another area I will be putting some time and energy into.

  1. What does the future hold for you and your books?

Lots of fun. I just love what writing a book has done for me. It’s incredible. Although I would like to think I could have done this sooner, I think the timing in my life has been perfect.

  1. What was the most successful thing you did to promote your books?

We are doing it right now. An campaign along with a blog tour. The visibility is incredible.

  1. What was the least successful thing you did to promote your books?

That’s a difficult question to answer because so far everything has been working.

This book is a great resource for anyone looking for both a pragmatic and spiritual approach to building a life of Total Success. Order you own copy of What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? within the next 24 hours and receive over $2,551 in bonus gifts from experts around the globe. Go to

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What Can a Dentist Teach You?

Besides how to care for your teeth so they can take good care of you? Wait until you see what we have in store for you...Sometimes the printed word carries the weight of a sword when it comes to learning.

Readers of What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? Discover Secrets to Achieving Total Success!, quickly learn that the willingness to be different can make all the difference in how a business is perceived. Dr. Joe Capista gives readers an inside view of how he took a struggling business and with a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish built a multi-million dollar business.
Readers will learn the importance of what Capista calls The Success Triangle™. Showing a direct correlation between your Product, Internal and External Marketing, and your Sales Call and Sales Presentation, Capista offers a roadmap that virtually any business can implement to achieve higher profits, greater customer satisfaction, more satisfied employees and the ability to sustain any turn in the economy.

This book is a great resource for anyone looking for both a pragmatic and spiritual approach to building a life of Total Success. Order you own copy of What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? within the next 24 hours and receive over $2,551 in bonus gifts from experts around the globe. Go to

Look for more about Dr. Capista here tomorrow when he has agreed to an interview.
See you then