About Me

What makes me an expert? Well, I don't like the definition of expert I learned in college it is:
 Ex is a has been
Spert (or spurt spelled correctly) is a drip under pressure.

So, lets just say I know a lot about the printed word. With over 30 novels in the mystery suspense, romantic suspense genres with several YA books and seven how to books on writing I know some things. Not everything, grant you, but a lot of things that can help other writers and maybe engage readers.

So why blog? Because blogging allows me free rein in that I can write less and perhaps say more than a novel or a book project might let me get out on a given topic without coming up with a whole book just to legitimize it.

And blogging lets me see what I have to say and share it with you. It also lets me get feed back quickly and easily in the form of comments to each post. If you have questions I can answer them right away, if you have needs I can address them quickly, if you have a gripe I can listen and see if I can provide a solution or at least a good listening ear.

Topics I cover are mostly about the printed word, mystery suspense, and other things that cross my radar that I think you might be interested in. I want this to be a venue where we can freely exchange thoughts, ideas and feelings. Writers or readers, opinions and words of encouragement are welcome.

What will you get out of it all?  I hope some insight into the life of a working writer who is in love with the printed word. Also, articles of interest and help, entertainment and ideas to engage you and encourage you to live more fully yourself. Experiment with what might be and never be afraid to say what you need to say.

So this is me Billie A Williams, award-winning, multi-published,  mystery suspense author. For a more formal biography of my credentials etc go to http://www.billieawilliams.com

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