Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's a Giant Give-A-Way going on

This mystery/suspense/adventure has at its core a necklace of power stones that was stolen from the goddess Ebony. The power of the stones has been concealed in a jeweler’s paste to cover their worth and their strength – guaranteed the story will entertain you for hours with it’s Indiana Jones type trek through the dangerous Valley of the Kings and the South African jungles.

To read the three chapters go to http://www.billiewilliams.com/EXCERPTS.html

And then go to Wings ePress, Inc [ http://www.wings-press.com ] or Amazon.com or Fictionwise.com or email the author for your copy. Send a copy of your receipt to me at billie@billiewilliams.com or snail mail it to me at P O Box 134, Amberg, WI 54102 and I’ll put you in a drawing for the necklace or one of the other prizes listed below. [Sorry but if you are over seas and your name is drawn as the grand prize winner of the necklace, I will offer you a choice of either Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble $25.00 gift certificate.]

GRAND PRIZE: Ancient Secrets handcrafted necklace

FIRST PRIZE: PDF copy of Knapsack Secrets (the first book in the secrets series)

SECOND PRIZE: A handmade friendship bracelet straight from the children of the South African Missions —South African Missionaries tend to.

THIRD PRIZE: A signed poster —your choice—with the cover art of Ancient Secrets, Knapsack Secrets, OR Ghost Music of Vaudeville

Every entrant will get a download copy of the flash fiction story Dick and Jane – a thriller designed to catch you off guard and let you know things are never over until they are over — and the fat lady may have sung even.

In addition 25% of my royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to The Missionaries of South Africa. [Check the donations page on my website to see quarterly totals of donations from all my books}

I look forward to seeing your entry!


*I reserve the right to not give the necklace away until at least 40 copies of my book have sold. Thank You. Billie A Williams

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Never Too Late to be Gutzy

I just watched this incredible video - do you think you are past the age of succeeding? Have you given up on making your mark? Do you think because you've not made it yet you never will?
When life gives you lemons, make lemon aide - you've heard that a million times well
go here to http://www.20milliondollarman.com and watch this video if you need to be inspired. And please leave a comment for Douglas if you will.

Enjoy - life is full of surprises.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Eppies are still looking for entries

If you are looking for a way to get you name in lights -- entering and winning contests is one way and this one is especially good - ebook only.
check it out.

Time Sensitive material:

Of interest to authors who are published electronically. Please distribute to your membership


EPPIE Contest in Full Swing to Highlight Excellence in ePublishing

Worldwide–September 16, 2008—EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, proudly announces the annual EPPIE contest. This is the premier contest in the book industry that celebrates the outstanding achievements of electronic books by authors and publishers. The EPPIE Awards have been given annually since the first EPIC conference to recognize outstanding achievement in ePublishing. The contest deadline for entries is October 4, 2008 at Midnight CST.

Categories are judged by volunteers, the largest percentage of which are members of EPIC, an organization consisting of electronically published authors and industry professionals. Guest judges, all of whom are either published authors or publishing professionals, are used only as deemed necessary by the EPPIE Chair/Committee.

The First Round Judging delivers our EPPIE Finalists, whose works are forwarded to a second panel of judges before the winners of our thirty categories are selected. Winners from each judged category are announced at the EPIC conference's gala award ceremony, taking place at the annual EPICon Convention, taking place March 5-8, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

EPIC is also the proud sponsor of the QUASAR/ARIANA Awards for excellence in graphic cover art for eBooks.

For contest guidelines, please visit http://www.epicauthors.com/eppierules2009.html

Electronically Published Internet Connection
Contact: Karen L. Syed, EPIC Publicity Coordinator
9735 Country Meadows Lane 1D, Laurel, MD 20723
410-878-7113 (v) 410-988-2864 (f)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tess Gerritsen, The Keepsake - Billie A Williams, Ancient Secrets

Tess Gerritsen – Keepsake; Billie Williams – Ancient Secrets
UnPuzzling The Past

What is it about our historical past that draws us in and holds us as we explore it especially the things we hold most dear—KEEPSAKES (released September 8) from that life we need to explore. In my book ANCIENT SECRETS (released September 1) I explore a necklace belonging to an African deity—the goddess Ebony. It is a keepsake. It has traveled from one owner to another all over the world, a troubled path after it was stolen from the goddess years before. Its powers are supernatural.
Tess Gerritsen’s riveting new book, The Keepsake, explores a supposed similar archeological treasure. You can feel the desert heat enveloping your body so you nearly are crushed by its intensity. You blink your eyes in the glare of the sun while the sandpaper-like grit of the desert sands scrap against your skin.
Ms. Gerritsen’s language puts you there. Her skill with phrase and image keep you there as she cranks up the heat, notches up the suspense. At the end of her first chapter, if a mosquito landed on your arm or someone’s footfalls echoed in your hall, you would bolt in terror at their presence. That is how a great writer hooks and drags you into a story.
My own story circles the wagons before the impending attack. I slide in with tourist-like curiosity. Emulating someone like Ms. G, excuse me , Tess will take some practice.
I can call her Tess now. She is real. I have an autographed bookmark from her and even more importantly a personal note. It’s a small sticky note like a post it™ note but it’s way larger then life to me because it is a hand written note —to me!
It made me remember that contact, human connection is why we research our past and cling to those KEEPSAKES and ANCIENT SECRETS we bring with us to the present.

The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen – ISBN 978-0-345-49762-8
Ancient Secrets by Billie A Williams ISBN 978-1-599705-396-9

First Lines:
Tess Gerritsen “He is coming for me.”
Billie Williams “It looked like she had been sitting on the park bench we had bought for her birthday last summer.”

How it comes together: using setting
TG: “No longer am I standing in the desert gazing at a sky smeared by sunset the color of bruises.”
BW: “The cold, bright corridors of the hospital where shoes squeaked on the too polished, disinfected floors made you wince, shhhhh, the silence hissed like a librarian in his mind.”

Using Sound/weather
TG: “The wind moaned like a woman when it swept down the Wadi.”
BW: “She must have stood up and let them fall. She left them lay like wasted time, just there. No breeze to stir them, march them away, dance them off to some happier place.” (speaking of sheets of paper)

Using smells
TG: “I sniff the air, as recognizable as the scent of hot sand and savory spices and the sweat of a hundred working men toiling in the sun.”
BW:” “Live Mother,” he said as they shut her in the orange and white van that smelled of disinfectant. Had the last patient they transported died, he wondered at the smell.”

Using emotions – fear/apprehension
TG: “I lie on damp sheets, heart battering itself against my chest. I am afraid to get out of bed—afraid not to.”
BW: “Something about them as he touched them though, struck him with unanticipated grief. When he lifted the black stone, it was as though some invisible electric impulse traveled from his finger tips up his arm and to his heart. His heart ached with sorrow. Years worth of sadness flooded over him, washing him in blackest despair, creating nearly unbearable heart wrenching sorrow. He dropped the black stone he held back into the red velvet lined coffin it had come from as though it burned his fingers instead of his heart.”

I am struck by how few words she needs to make her point, ratcheting up her tension and bring the reader to her. My way is meandering and wordy. I see and I understand why we study other writers with a writer’s mind. They teach us by example – showing instead of telling.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Want to have some fun?

Here is a link to a jig saw puzzle of my cover
AncientSecrets Jigsaw Puzzle
The system will time you and let you know of others times the person who has the fastest time Friday,and Saturday, will receive a PDF copy of One of my cookbooks. Your choice.
So have fun - and send me an email of your time.
billie at billiewilliams dot com
This is the new cover for Skull Music -- the panel behind the jar shows an actual Dolphin brain, the one in the jar is human. Awesome cover isn't it?
Comments welcome.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm so excited! Today is release date for Ancient Secrets - take a long deep look at the cover - read the blurb - push yourself out of your comfortable chair - and go get the book - Want an autographed book plate and bookmark? Send me an email at: billie at billiewilliams dot com [ you know how to fix it to a real email addy right?]

ANCIENT SECRETS: novel of Sorcery, jealousy and legends tangles three unlikely adventurers in a drama of treachery in an effort to return the necklace stolen from the ancient goddess Ebony before the earth suffers her final blow. The only available path— through the Valley of the Kings laced with trials in the South African Jungles.