Saturday, April 30, 2011

Writing tips, Writing Prompts, Writing a Book....

Writing Wide, Exercises in Creative Writing
 Writing Tips to Writing Prompts, to Writing a Book

Instructor: Billie Williams

Albert Einstein said it best “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.”

Writers, more than any one, need to be able to imagine to “see” with more than just the eye. Writing tips, Writing Prompts, Writing a Book is designed to open the mind's eye to the creative interior of our lives by using metaphors for writing wide - painting a story with broad brush strokes and wide spaces and yet keeping it on a narrow path to story goal. It's all about seeing in a new way or a new light.

      Wide Space Between the Teeth: Compares secret keeping and the effects of a space between your teeth…meaning you can't keep a secret. In addition, this lesson explores how to write while holding your secret, letting the secret loose a little at a time, page by page, chapter by chapter…until “The End”.

      Wide Angle Lens of a Camera: Compares the wide angle lens of a camera shooting a panoramic shot and the panoramic view of your story idea before you pull out to focus on a close up portrait. It's all in the details, but not too many, focus is the key.

      Wide Shoes Leave a Wide Footprint: This is used for comparison in choosing of clues to follow your characters in your story, defining them, enlarging on their connection to the story whole.  [insert chat here - evening 7 pm CST to 8 to answer questions and a giveaway - will also give away a book at the end of the class.]

      Wide Mouth Jar: Compares canning and freezing produce to story design, plotting and fitting it together at the proper moment.

      Wide, Double-Wide, Trailer--mobile home: The double wide trailer or mobile home is used as an example of what your novel or stories parts and pieces are, how they are arranged, and how and where to place them inside the four walls of your story

      Wide Shadow: This section compares writing and point of view to the way shadows are displayed at different times of day or night. Light sources are also brushed upon as sunlight; moon glow and artificial light play a part as point of view creators.

      Wide Riding/Writing Corralling the wild stallion: Here we examine six ways to tighten up your writing. Comparing it to the horses in a corral, we look at wimpy verbs the nags of the literary world; locoweed prepositions; overweight adverbs, twin horse redundancies; and appaloosa similes and metaphors.

WHEN:    May 4, 2011 - Jun 21, 2011
COST:   $15 for Premium Members
$25 for Basic Members

Cancellation policy: Registrations are non-refundable except when the workshop is cancelled by Savvy Authors.
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INSTRUCTOR:   Billie A Williams

      Best-Selling, Award winning Mystery/Suspense author Billie A Williams is a fiction, non-fiction and poetry author and has won numerous contests for her short/flash fiction stories, essays, and poetry. Currently she has over two dozen books published. She is published in various magazines such as the literary magazine Thema; Guide, a Magazine for Children, Novel, Writing Etc., and Women In The Arts newsletter as well as Sister's in Crime, to list but a few.

      Williams is currently a member of The Wisconsin Regional Writers Association (WRWA) Upper Peninsula Writers Association (UPWA)National Association of Women Writers (NAWW) Sister's in Crime, Women in the Arts Program, Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC),  Pen Writer's Org., Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. (SCBWI) and Children's Book Insider, and the Children Writers Coaching Club. Visit her at her websites or and sign up for her Newsletter  and/or Mystery a Month Book Club on her website.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ode to Spring

It may not be a mystery - or is it? Ode to Spring formed itself from my pen as if the rain flowed onto the page and here is the result.


Listen to the silence
Punctuated only by
The Spring of birds
Songs of renewal and thanks giving
Songs of lessons learned and new beginning

A single drop of rain
Drips and soggies food
No matter, cheerful chatter
Gives thanks
profusely for abundance

Gray clouds shroud the day
Bird songs spread the light
And raise the gray
Inside if not on the out

Juncos – pilgrim birds
Dresden plate pattern tails
Sparrows not one drops
Without God's notice

Buds of spring
Miracles of song
 And Robins

Tree branch's twigs
Weep drops of captured rain
Puddled bird bath dips
In path and road
Bird Songs

Listen to the silence
Between Winter and Spring
Before gold finch and wrens return
Before buds burst into full bloom
And maple sap nourishes
Thirsty birds
and you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Criminal Mind at Work...

Criminal mind? Well perhaps that's a stretch -- it's actually the writer's mind with criminal intent-- at work, correction -a mystery writer's mind to be specific, and its about my new WIP (that's Works In Progress). This one is titled - Orchestrated Murders. It still involves the criminal mind, it still is a mystery at work.The seventh in the Zodiac Series.

Leona Augustine is at home Christmas Eve Day preparing for this major celebration, her boy friend is off serving his duty to their, this is not another romance, this is not another Christmas story like every other one. When he returns Leona and Chadwick plan to marry, however, as we know--life, sometimes, has a way of changing those plans.

As is custom, a person with no family or friends to celebrate the holiday with is invited to the Christmas Eve Dinner with the Polish family. Oh, I forgot to mention, we pick Leona up in her native land of Poland, before she finds herself in circumstances that warrant her trip to America.

Thirteen year old Tomislaw, her brother, is in charge of finding and inviting a stranger in to the family celebration this year. Kevin Kratz, a museum owner from the Untied States, is that choice this year. Accident or fate...His visit changes the course of the Augustine family forever.

Tune in tomorrow to find out the Christmas Eve Day customs of Leona's Poland and how the criminal mind may be exercising his mind to work his evil  as this scene plays out.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Mystery of Writing a Mystery---Solved

Do you love puzzles? Do you love mysteries? To solve a puzzle you examine a piece and decide where it looks like it might fit...Sounds like solving a mystery to me. The two new writing a mystery handbooks Whodunit? A Mystery Writers Primer (available now at and other outlets)and The Mystery of Writing A Mystery--Solved soon to be released are two very different approaches to solving your mystery related questions about writing. Both have valuable information and try this exercises. Which will be your favorite?  I look forward to your vote. You will find more on them at Take a look, cast your vote and tell me why.
Hope to hear from you soon.