Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who's Success is it?

Today promise yourself that you will be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.

Sometimes, being the shy violets that we are, as authors, we find it easier to be supportive and congratulatory about someone else's wins - new contracts, promotional coups and other things then we tend to be about our own. Because we were told "brags a good bargain, but hold on is a lot better," or "Let someone else toot your horn." Well, that doesn't work when you have to go the 9 miles to promote your own books and be "out there" where people may criticize or even applaud what you do.

But--and here is the best part, what you give you get. So if you are enthusiastic about other people's success, feel that feeling, know that feeling and then claim some for yourself as well.

When Christopher Paolini first met publishing success with Eragon, I dissed him as-- oh sure his parents are publishers, authors, business people...he has an edge - maybe, but this home schooled little boy (15 when he wrote it) had just gotten his GED and was looking forward to college. Instead of heading off straight to college he decided to write a book.

Tom (hubby) just finished reading the first of the trilogy Eragon, and asked me if I would get the other two for him. He said he found no mistakes in the editing (where he found several in the Harry Potter books he just finished reading) and he said the kid writes a great story.

I must swallow my ill-placed envy or is it jealousy and read the first of his books to see how he made and is still making news. His series is number 3 on the New York Times best seller list, still.

Anyway, be happy for those who've succeeded. Your turn can't be far away, actually good vibrations from you will make it happen sooner.
Try it - it couldn't hurt.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Best of the Best

Challenge - Promise Yourself: To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.

When you are facing hard times either financially, emotionally, or spiritually it isn't easy to think only the best for yourself or any one else - but sometimes just smiling will help lighten the burden you feel. And create untold good for you and those you care about.

You can work for the best outcome, you can work to do your best - that doesn't mean perfect that just means the best for where you are and what you CAN do right now. (like parents raising only do what you can do with what you have, know and are.)

If you expect the best - to paraphrase Henry Ford - you can think you can or you can think you can't --either way your are proven right. So if you expect the best, throw your dreams toward the moon, even if you fail you'll wind up among the stars - if you aim, expect - the best you'll have a better chance of getting something more then not shooting for the moon at all.

Hope your New Year will be your BEST year ever.
Billie A Williams

Monday, December 28, 2009

Smile and the World Will Wonder What You Are up to

It's me again with another challenge for you today:
Promise yourself to look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.

That may be a little difficult, you may have to keep checking yourself when you don't really see the bright side - but if you look really hard I bet you can find one.

Today, we have near blizzard conditions - blowing, drifting, at times near white outs - so the weather is a bit of a bear, but I have a warm and comfortable home. It's a good day to stay inside and write - or bake bread or any of the household chores that make my home a place I love to be.

I'm sure when you look around you have a bunch of sunny just under the veil of "your crabby" or someone else's crabby exterior. Make a smile your umbrella and your rain will all turn to sunshine and rainbows.
Try it!
You can email me your results if you like.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Promise? Challenge? Hope?

So many times we let our self-worth get in the way of our talents - or I should say our lack of self-worth. We think everyone is going somewhere, doing something more or more important than we are...that we aren't as worthy of success in whatever our endeavor is.
So, if you can boost a friend (or stranger) by letting them know you think they are a valuable person, that they contribute much to the world we all live in...perhaps, you can help give them the impetus to succeed.
Whatever it does, it is bound to give them that rush of feeling good that someone notices and likes who "you" are for just who "you" are. Keep in mind "God don't make no junk!" (whoever your God/Higher Power is.)Everyone has a purpose. Everyone is important in the greater scheme of things.
Make it a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Promise? Challenge? Can you do it?

I promise to talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person I meet.

There is a woman who works at the bank here in town she delivers the money bags to the local business establishments everyday -- I have yet to see her without a smile on her face and a spring in her step -- even later when I go to the bank she is sheer poise and joy. I started to say to myself "There's a blue bird on my shoulder...." the old song - and now when I walk anywhere in town I try to keep her smile in my mind. She just makes everyone who sees her feel good. I want to be that woman.
There are two women who walked into my writers group one day - they stopped me dead in my tracks. All I could think of is -- I want to know those women, I want to be like that. Poise, smiles, a pull that lets you know they are in charge of unconditional love. What a way to go through life. I want to be like them.
So, how do you get there? You love yourself, love others and talk prosperity or as in today's challenge health, happiness and prosperity.
Try it!
It can't hurt.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Challenge - a Promise

When you pause in Christmas festivities and begin looking toward the new year - I have a special request for you all - and perhaps a challenge - this is the first one...
1. Promise yourself that you will be So strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
If you think about it -- it isn't the thing itself that is disturbing you but your perception of it... What you chose to make of a situation. If you decide to just "let go of the rope," and not try to control it -- think of it as a horse you are trying to ride. Let's say he doesn't like ropes - so if you release the rope he calms down - I've heard of stranger we will just let go and let God (or your higher power or whoever you trust to handle things for you.)
Try it -- it might just surprise you.
More tomorrow....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Giving Just Got a Little Easier

Books make wonderful Christmas Gifts

Special Offer Through December
The Kahills of Willow Walk
and sequel
For the Love of Willow Walk
both for $24.00
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Single Titles ?

You'd be amazed at the good fiction that awaits you if you only knew where to look. It doesn't have to be a series to get you hooked - if you read an author, your next search could be for that author's name - there are few one book wonders in this world so you are pretty much sure to find another title by an author you love. So why not start your search here:

Hey, did you hear that SingleTitles. com has a whole new look? They have hundreds of book reviews, interviews, and lots of great excerpts. Plus, they're now featuring thrillers and mysteries. Check `em out at

I know you'll find some good reading, I did.

Friday, September 18, 2009


LEITMOTIF – A Leitmotif starts with a beautiful melody that represents a character, a feeling, an object, or an emotion.

Should we begin all our writing with a Leitmotif?

In a sense, yes, I guess we should. Your reader needs to see, hear, feel, and touch your main character, the heart of your story-worth-telling, as soon as possible. He needs to feel the trauma, the story-worth-telling desire of your main character or your premise/theme.

We are dealing with dynamite when we deal with words – whether they are printed words or verbal. Words carry the subconscious interpretation of what we’ve written or said.

A reader interprets the page, a listener interprets the sound –conflict is story – make it count. Don’t let the fuse be dampened and the dynamite a mere fizzle. “Conflict is the music of story,” says Robert McKee.

If we use the balloon analogy that Robert McKee uses in Story, we think of the balloon as holding in the content of what you have to say, the content doesn’t change just because you apply pressure (conflict in story)it only shifts to another spot.

If you can keep this in mind, and use it to corral the dynamite of your words—creating a Leitmotif of character, setting, conflict – your story will explode in the readers mind with accuracy, emotion and a pleasurable reading experience that he/she is sure to pass along to others.

Remember, words are power – dynamite. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for your works be they fiction, non-fiction, article, poem or prayers.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who's the Sleuth Here?

Who your sleuth is determines what type of mystery you are writing or reading. Did you know that?

Whodunit? Is important, but who is investigating it brings a whole quandary of possibilities to explore as well.

Whether you are a writer (of any style, from novel or short story, to play or the big screen) you should read how to books. If you’re a reader, you should read how to books. It will give you some idea what your favorite author goes through to write what you love to read.

Let’s talk specifics. Let’s talk Crime Fiction. Perhaps you call it mystery, suspense, or thriller – whatever you call it, you need to know what a publisher, book club, bookstore, movie director or editor calls it, so that you can find what you love to read or so you can direct your Manuscript query to the right place.
Most of us classify crime fiction simply as mystery, suspense or thriller. But, how do publishers and bookstores class them?

Robert McKee, author of Story, substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting offers some clarification:
It all depends on the Point Of View (POV) of your character, he says. Who is holding the camera on his/her hypothetical shoulder? Who is telling the story?

If the story is told from the Master Detective’s Point of View, it’s a Murder Mystery. A Caper is told from the crooks POV and a Detective Story is told from the cops POV.

A Gangster story will be told from the Crooks POV, Thriller or revenge tale, is told from the victim’s POV. If we have a lawyer’s account of the tale it becomes a Courtroom Drama. Reporter’s POV, it’s a Newspaper Tale, Espionage tale is told by the spy and more than likely on the side of good vs evil.

If you want to tell a Prison Story it should be told from the POV of an inmate. Now, a Film Noir enthusiast will have his/her protagonist be part criminal, part detective, part victim of perhaps a feme fatale POV character.

So now you are armed to find the type of story you want to read, or to classify your story so that a publisher will look at your query and know you know what you are trying to portray.
Write Like The Wind, and Read what you like.
Billie A Williams, Mystery – Suspense author whose Accidental Sleuths solve crimes with wit, wisdom, and chutzpah,,
P O Box 134, Amberg, WI 54102

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fearless Factor Author Interview

Interview with Jacqueline Wales,
Author of the book and workbook The Fearless Factor
By Billie A Williams
As I read your work I hear your voice as strong but never harsh. Your words come across as if you were a caring grandmother. Women are supposed to be nurturers and you certainly are that. I watched your video and felt immediately attracted by your charisma.

1.Could you tell us what was, or was there a single event that turned your life around? That made you let go of fear and grip life by the horns and take charge?
I'm not sure there was a single incidence. Fear has been such an important feature of my life given my background of violence, but I was aware one day when my daughter was about six months old of having an incredible screaming fight with my husband as she sat below us looking on in amazement at these two people who had completely lost it, and then seeing her wide-eyed stare and understanding that my life was out of control. That was a defining moment of 'I better get some help, or I'm going to destroy the next generation."
2. You mention that we parade around covering our fear with things like procrastination, depression and such, what would you say to someone who really does think they have that knot in their stomach when faced with doing something outside their comfort zone?
The knot in stomach is our resistance. We know we must do something different, but we are afraid because we don't know what that looks like. We resist change because somehow it is seen as threatening to our lifestyle, our relationships, our current way of being, but the resistance causes us far more problems than we know. I also like to say that fear is our alarm bell. When the fear bell rings in our stomach, that's when we pay attention. What am I avoiding, what do I need to do differently here?
3. Your book and workbook, and your website have such a plethora—such a vast wealth of information it’s hard to know where to start. What or where would you tell a beginner, someone who thinks, “Hey you might be right,” where would you tell them to start in their recovery or discovery of being fearless?
I like to say that being fearless is not the absence of fear, but the choices and decisions we make when fear shows up in our lives. Fear is normal. It's a part of our existence when new things happen or when we're confronted by something outside our normal existence. So pay attention when the fear bells ring. Look at your choices. If you make the wrong one, choose again. Trust that you have the right answers even if you can't see them right away.
4. It sounds like you had a very tough life to begin with, but you don’t sound like you blame anyone for the circumstances you pulled yourself out of and through. Did you have a mentor, someone who guided or helped pull you to your feet after so many trials and tribulations?
Blaming is a waste of time. When you blame others for your miserable life, or for the circumstances of your existence, you're putting out excuses. I believe there are no more excuses. We are all 100% responsible for the life we lead, even if we feel someone or something else is responsible for the unhappiness or challenges of our existence. I could have gone through my entire life blaming my parents for their lack of love, their violence, their chaos, but I realized they did what they knew how to do, and didn't stretch themselves beyond their boundaries. I learned how to forgive and have some compassion for their weakness.
5. You are now happily married and have reunited with the children you felt you had to let go for adoption. That is such a marvelous and inspiring story. Tell us a little bit about how that came about. You know, what began the journey– finding your husband, or finding your children, or finding yourself?
I've been married twice. The first was to the first man who said he loved me and we had a child together. We met when I was in the middle of giving my first child up for adoption. I later walked out on both the husband and the child we had together. I knew there was something more waiting for me, but I had no idea what that was. It was a radical thing to do in those days, and I suffered a lot of disdain as a result. When I met my second husband, I was in the deepest pit of despair at having left my child behind with his father, and I had tremendous self-loathing. It took seven years together before I was willing to commit to having another child and I said before she was born that "I would leave her before she left me." She graduated college in June of this year. I then went on to become stepmother to my second husband's daughter, a complete stranger at the age of 10 from Thailand, and then have another child with him. She is about to start college. My son, who was left with his father, became very close to me and we now have a wonderful, healed relationship. Throughout it all, I have done my best to live my life as best I can, becoming a role model for all those children. It was clear that I had to become healthy so my children could be healthy. I've made that my mantra for the last 30 years.
6. “Life is not about finding the answers; it’s about asking the right questions”. I have been reading a book called Power vs Force and it echoes that statement. It says that there can be no question asked unless you already have the answer inside you or you would never know to ask the question. So how do you know the question to ask yourself? What did you ask yourself that started your journey back to life and living?

What do you want? Where in your life do you want to make a difference, and who will it benefit if you do the work that must be done? What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you ready to leave behind? What do you think is holding you back and why? These are my questions. These are the fundamental questions we must all ask when doing the work we must do. All the answers are inside of you. If you don't know the questions, then find someone who does. That's how I've managed to survive and thrive as well as I have. I've had hundreds of mentors and guides along the way. Without them, I could not have done the work I've done.
7. You seem so very well put together, so sure of what you are doing and where you are going. Do you have any doubts anymore? What is your biggest struggle today?
I still have doubts. Can I really do the work I've set out to do. Am I strong enough, knowledgeable enough, disciplined enough. Ultimately, the answer is yes I am, and I stay focused on the end result. My biggest struggle is to set time aside for me. I work very hard and because of my martial arts training I can push myself further than is necessarily good for me. So I must learn to let go, let God, and trust the process of unfolding.
8. Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers on The Printed Word Blog today?
Don't give in to your fears. It's your imagination on overdrive and it's simply a conditioned response. You can choose differently. It took me many years to get to where I am today, but I like to take the long road. Don' t be hard on yourself and treat yourself with kindness and compassion. The rest will follow.
9. Where can readers find you? What kind of products do you offer readers and where can they find them?
If you go to where you'll find the downloadable version of the book and a study guide that accompanies it, as well as 6 hours of audio.
The print version was not complete for the tour, but you can sign up at and I'll let you know when it's ready.
Or you will find lots of great information to help you on the way including a special gift from me called The 4 Easy Steps to Overcoming Fear.
I have a radio show each Sunday on Achieve Radio called Fearlessly Speaking where I interview lots of great guests and is available to listen to on archives.
And if you'd like to get a copy of my book When The Crow Sings you can find that at
10. Where do you go next on your blog tour?
I'm traveling the blogosphere this month and next and visiting lots of different bloggers and radio interviews which I always enjoy.

Thank you so much for stopping to visit us today. I really want to thank you for helping us find a way to feel our fear and conquer it.I hope our visitors will feel free to ask questions and that you will come back and answer them when you have a chance today. Thank you again for your time and your wonderful book and workbook.

It's my pleasure and I thank your for the opportunity to speak with your visitors.

About Jacqueline Wales
Jacqueline Wales is known the world over as The Black Belt Millionaire. Her unique programs have helped women around the globe develop strong personal success, confident communication and clear visions of their goals. She is the author of five books including The Fearless Factor available at
For information on how to get YOUR copy of The Fearless Factor visit

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fearless Factor

About Jacqueline Wales
Jacqueline Wales is known the world over as The Black Belt Millionaire. Her unique programs have helped women around the globe develop strong personal success, confident communication and clear visions of their goals. She is the author of five books including The Fearless Factor available at
For information on how to get YOUR copy of The Fearless Factor visit
For more information about Jacqueline and The Fearless Factor, visit

Want more? Come back tomorrow for the interview!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall has come!

The temps this morning were a wake up call if the flocks of humming birds at the feeders weren't. I kid you not, I have never seen so many humming birds except in Vegas at Mount Charleston - they had feeders around the massive picture windows and the hummingbirds crowded in. Well, for the last week we have been filling our hummingbird feeder 2 sometimes 3 times a day - Headin up, movin out, came to mind. Today we have the family of 3 that we had all summer.

When I was at a friend's house on the river last week - I noticed the Canadian geese seemed to be gathering on the river...Early fall? That's what some say. Our garden is just wild with produce not quite ripe - I hope they are wrong. Meanwhile, we harvest what we can everyday and with our unusually cool summer the leaf lettuce still is good and not bolting.

Watch soon for news here of a new book coming out - a new series loosely titled The Zodiac series - Fin, Fur and Feathers, Aquarius Pets (not a pet story) is currently pulling in interest from publishers and agents. Cross your fingers and keep an eye out.
Mean while friend Cricket Sawyer has a full Fall line up from September, October, November with releases in each month. Check out what and where at her website be forewarned she writes romantic suspense with Sizzle some of it with paranormal elements.

As for me - check out my website for new information at
I am learning how to be a ROZ for Red-River-Writers Live as well. That should be fun as we talk with other authors ...the host is Mark David Gersen - you may have seen his books.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tao Te Ching - Patient Thoughts and Printed Words

"Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?"

That is an amusing thought. I've seen mud puddles, I've felt muddied mind, I've even stirred in the muddy waters with my muse waiting for inspiration. The printed word is slippery like an eel, it hides just below the surface of where I am. Do I have the patience to wait until the mud clears so I can see what I am saying?

I try, I write anyway and keep writing until I can sit on the bottom of that muddy pool and see clear into the ice blue sky of my mind wanting to be perfectly clear. Do I have patience? Not yet, but I do hope to acquire it once I finish reading this tiny, but very heavy--simple but very complex book. It amazes and frustrates me while it baffles and illuminates.

If you can't figure out what I really need to get this book - the most amazing phrase is "The master does nothing, yet he leaves nothing undone." Care to comment on that? I am interested in what you have to say.

Billie/Word Wizard
who feels nothing like a wizard compared to the Tao

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rainbow Morning

First a quote that slipped into my inbox this morning:

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. "
- Joseph Addison

I wish for you all of the above blessings. This morning I was busy writing in my journals - we had a high fog - nothing major. A very pleasant morning. Suddenly the sun was peeking through and everything looked spring/early summer abundant. Then out of the sun shine, a sun shower - straight down beautiful rain. I had thought I heard thunder in the distance earlier but the sky was cloudless - as far as I could tell.

The sun shower became a little heavier and finally the sky became darker and turned into a downpour. I raced from my sunny kitchen window to shut windows on the back porch - there-- immediately west in full view was the most amazing rainbow I had ever seen.

I was in awe - as I traced the arch from one side of the horizon to the other - I noticed the arch over a hole in the deep gray clouds. There to my amazement was clear, robin's egg blue sky, an electric white cumulus cloud top, framed by the gray and all of it arched by this huge rainbow.

Could you ask for a better promise to start a day then that? I still can't believe my eyes - I was too amazed to run for a camera, I figured by the time I got it set up--the view would be gone.
Have a rainbow and happiness sort of day. Thanks for letting me share my joy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a Whale of an Idea!

Whale Hunting is pages of solid, tested, proven advice about landing those huge corporate accounts that will boost your business to the top.

The Message: Stop wasting time with little accounts and start landing monster accounts. “…small fish keep you fed, but landing each whale-sized account can fill your corporate belly for years.” From inside Whale Hunting.
The Method: Nine easy steps provide clear, step-based models that will guide the reader every step of the way from finding, researching, ultimately landing and then harvesting that whale sized account to successfully grow your business.

The authors, extremely successful business people, have developed this proven (2 billion dollars in new sales) and practical system of targeting and getting those large corporate accounts that mean not just survival but growth for your own business.

It takes team work for a company to succeed, As Smith say, using the Whale Hunt metaphor is a perfect blue print for the feat of showing the how of success. No one person would set out in a row boat with hopes of returning with a whale, neither should you whale hunt without a team of cooperative supporters.

If you are looking for action-oriented, specific, actionable, methods to grow your company, harpooning big clients, Whale Hunting delivers. Once you understand the process and you will easily with the clear, concise language in this book, you’ll begin to understand how connecting your team to your target’s team creates the atmosphere of a successful partnership.

Get the book, devour it, and put every step into action. Success will be yours. It isn’t magic, but it delivers on its promise. Kudos to the team of Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith for an extraordinary book.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whale Hunting - it's not what you think

Whale Hunting

The Whale Hunters Process™
Whale hunting focuses on creating a disciplined sales culture in your company that allows you to optimize your ability to catch and harvest whales. This dramatic shift in thinking and practice precipitates explosive growth of your company’s revenues and market position.
The nine-phase process model is consistent across companies and industries, but each company maps the model to its own steps.
It all starts with knowing who you're hunting. With a focus on market and sales research and the creation of a target filter, scouting guides you to know, seek and harpoon whales whose business will be ideal for you.
Hunting focuses on communicating with, pitching, and securely closing your ideal whale accounts. Our method of progressive discovery and disclosure relies on critical questions at each step of the hunt.
Harvesting brings sales and non-sales departments together in an integrated process to ensure you harvest your whale effectively, efficiently and harmoniously. It includes key account management and growing new business with your best accounts.
Want to learn more? Tune in tomorrow when we examine this book some more

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interview with Rajah - He's the cutest dog = )

Welcome Rajah we are so delighted to have you visit the Printed Words blog today. Please come on in, pull up a comfortable rug, pillow or couch and settle in.

Thank you for inviting me. I am delighted to be here.

I assume your name has a special meaning. What does Rajah mean ?

Rajah means Prince. But my full name is Rajah LeBeau. It means The Beautiful Prince. Mommy always tells me how beautiful I am. But when mommy calls me and says "Rajah LeBeau Penick Phillips-Cermak," I come running as fast as I can.

Where did Mom (Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak) get you from?

Rajah: Mommy adopted me from the Cleveland Animal Protective League.
I was very young. I was one of six in a litter.
One day I actually met one of my litter-mates. His mommy took him to the dog park, and my mommy took me to the dog park, and we met. It was a wonderful surprise.

Do you help her write – are you sort of like her muse?

Mommy says that I make her laugh with delight. She says that it is wonderful to watch me explore the world. So, she writes about the things that I do, and she hopes that it will help her students, and the other kids that read her books, learn a life lesson.

What kind of Dog are you?

Rajah: I am a Black Lab. I also have a touch of Blue Tick Hound, too, I think.

Tell us a bit about this book. Where did the inspiration come from?

This story is about facing your fear and making friends with someone who frightens you. It is sort of like the bullies some children have to deal with in school.
Mommy got the idea one summer when two Blue Jays built a nest in one of our trees. They began to dive bomb me, and drop sticks and pinecones on me every time I would go outside. I didn't even want to go outside to go potty. But Mommy told me how brave I was. And, I was able to be brave.
Mommy always says that she wrote the story for one of her favorite second grade classes. But, this story can help anyone be brave.

What is a typical day of writing like for you?

Rajah: Mommy gets up at 4:45 a.m. every morning. We all go downstairs and go outside. Then, when we come back in, we have a wonderful breakfast. After breakfast, we go to the computer room.
If mommy doesn't have to teach children during the day, or adults at night, she writes until 2:30 in the afternoon. Then she takes a break and plays with us. Sometimes she throws the ball, or she takes us to McDonald's for a hamburger and fries. At 6:00 p.m. we come back upstairs and write until bedtime.

What do have coming up next?

Rajah: We are under contract for five (5) more books in this series.
Then, there is a middle-grade chapter book, that mommy calls a scientific fiction, and a young adult novel, also. She just completed a new children's book for little people. She will put it away for a month before she starts her rewrites.

Will you, Rajah, be a part of the next book?

Rajah: In the next book, I save the day. In fact, I think that is the title. There is Rajah saves the Day, Rajah Adopts a Brother, Rajah and Prince, Rajah and the Teensy, Tiny Kitten, and Rajah's Birthday Party. Of course mommy said that the title could change.

Is there anything you would especially like to tell our readers?

Mommy is doing book signings.
She will be at Joseph-Beth Bookseller at Legacy Village
24519 Cedar Road, in Lyndhurst, Ohio, on Thursday, July 9, 2009 from 7-9 P.M.

On Saturday, July 18, 2009, she will be signing books at a Lunch with the Author event.
This will be held at Nela's Restaurant, 3553 West 117th Street in Cleveland, Ohio from 1:00 to 3:30 P.M. The APL will be there with their Adoption van. I hope lots and lots of people will come out and have lunch with my mommy. There will be good food and door prizes.

Mommy is donating $1.00 of the sale of each of my books to the Cleveland APL.
That is about 25% of her royalties!
We are trying to sponsor a cage for a dog or puppy at the APL. If we sponsor a cage, we guarantee that the puppy or dog will be able to live in the cage until they are adopted, for up to a full year.

Where can we reach you, send you an email? Where can we order your book?

Rajah: You can order my book at, or on, as well as at You can also order on Barnes & Noble ( ), although they show the book as out of print. You may have to ask for it.
Mommy says that she cannot put her book on because they want a 55% discount, and that would stop her from giving money to the Cleveland APL, without the price of the book going up. Mommy insisted that the price of my book stay under twenty dollars.
I am on Facebook. I would love for your readers to become my fans. You can reach me on facebook at .
I am also on twitter at .
My email address is . But, it is easier to reach me on Facebook.
Sometimes I forget to check my email.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Will you and your Mom be able to come back to answer questions during the day for those who would like to add comments to your interview?
Rajah: I would love to come back and answer questions. Thank you for asking.

Rajah and The Big Blue Ball are coming to Printed Words

We are donating $1.00 of each book purchased to the Cleveland Animal Protective League.
I am trying to also to get small groups of people to donate a class set of books to their favorite second grade class, in whatever school system that they choose. I will autograph the books, and $1.00 still goes to the Cleveland APL.

Book Title: Rajah and The Big Blue Ball
Author: Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak
Stop by to read an interview with Rajah

Monday, June 1, 2009

You Won't Want to Miss This!!

He's our friend - we'll be here!
Hint: He's not a cat!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stories Are Tools

“A story – Stories are the best selling tool available, stories capture the imagination. You begin to picture an event—you are a co-creator in the project.” The Heart of Marketing by Judy Shereven, PHD & Jim Sneechowski, PHD

But whether we are using it as a marketing tool, or an entertainment we must always be sure to treat the reader fairly or they will desert us. That means being true to the genre in which your story exists. Every genre has it rules, reader expectations and more. The wise writer pays attention to these.
Enjoy a good read - whether classic or a first time author. And if you like it,Share it with others.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Influence of Fiction

Robert Louis Stevenson - a great author. Putting pen to page he crafted, he illuminated, he put a world together to make us think and dream and believe. What books influenced him most? I'll let him tell you.

“…The most influential books, and the truest in their influence, are works of fiction. They do not pin the reader to a dogma, which he must afterwards discover to be inexact; they do not teach him a lesson, which he must afterwards unlearn. They repeat, they rearrange, they clarify the lessons of life; they disengage us from ourselves, they constrain us to the acquaintance of others; and they show us the web of experience, not as we can see it for ourselves, but with a singular change - that monstrous, consuming EGO of ours being, for the once, struck out….”
The Art of Writing by Robert Louis Stevenson

So if you were doubting that writing was a less than noble profession I believe you need to rethink that. I say three cheers for fiction and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love of Words

Words, Words, Words, my stock in trade. I can never get enough of them. Bob Bly just released a whole book - with nothing but words every vocabulary should have. At the top of that list I would put Compassion for your fellow man - but today I found another word about words from Your Dictionary Dot Com - Love this daily email!
The word:
Periphrasis (noun)

Pronunciation: [pe-rê-'fræs-is]

Definition: The figure of speech whereby a longer, descriptive phrase is used in place of a simple word or phrase; circumlocution; the use of several words where one would do.

As writers we are warned of this nearly daily by editors and critiquers - but being a wordy lot that we are we need to make our word count grow - even at the risk of confusing our reader - or boring them to tears. Not a good thing to do if you are trying to increase your readers list.

We do love to play with words though, don't we? Next time you are tempted - besure all that verbage is necessary - The Dictionary of Concise Writing, by Robert Hartwell Fiske has written a dictionary just for us to keep on track. Check it out of you want to express yourself the best that you can.
Speaking of words my good friend J. Gayle Kelly's An Apple For The Teacher will be an exploration is just what the good use of words can do. Hurry out and get your copy wherever good books are sold. ISBN 1-60703-902-8 It's a great read.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Heart of Marketing

SL - This Book Can Change the World...

As you know I’m very careful about what I recommend to you.

But this book . . .

The Heart of Marketing Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back
(Morgan James Publishing)

. . . is a MUST read for the future of your marketing and the growth of your business.

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The authors, husband and wife psychology team and Internet marketers Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski are respected friends of mine — and they are the voice for what is known as Soft Sell Marketing.

Now an international movement, Soft Sell Marketing is creating a heart-based change in commerce — to one of consciousness and conscience, caring and community.

And their latest book The Heart of Marketing is now the published voice for this change!

Answering 45 questions out of 772 that they received during an Ask Campaign for their “Bridging Heart and Marketing II” conference this book is a soul-inspiring, heart-warming turn-around in how you’ll approach your business from now on.

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Mark Joyner - #1 Bestselling Author of “Simpleology”

I really like the message embodied in "The Heart of Marketing." Part marketing, part self growth, part spiritual expansion, this book opens the way for your much larger future while changing the way we've all thought about business and making money.
David Riklan - Founder,


That’s how important this book is to the future of commerce!

So get your copy today - and copies for friends you care about -

By the way, a percentage of book sales will always be donated to Habitat for Humanity!

Because, as Judith & Jim say,

It’s ALL in the Connection,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dynamic, Imaginative, Inspiring!

As former therapists who ventured into online marketing just four years ago we had to overcome our technical deficiencies and learn to make friends with the computer. Even more so, we had to open our minds to an entirely new way of being in the world, a whole new and very different mindset—a marketing/business mindset.

We kept hearing from Internet marketing teachers about this strategy and that technique, and all we had to do was apply what we were learning and we would surely become successful Internet marketers. After all, they did, and, as they kept insisting —“You Can Too!!”

So we applied exactly what we were told, step-by-step, word-for-word — with some financial success. But all along we labored under the feeling that something was wrong. Or to put it more accurately, something just wasn't right. But what?

The answer began to emerge at the various Internet marketing conferences we attended.

We could hear that what the speakers were teaching was logical and credible. But we always felt a sense of displacement, a feeling of not belonging, of somehow being outsiders. We hadn't had years of business experience, no formal business education, and no family business connections. So we accepted our discomfort as just part of the newness we'd jumped into.

But at those same conferences we began to hear others who had the same complaint.“I don't feel right, somehow. ” We heard their complaints often enough that a pattern became clear. All those who voiced this kind of discomfort were service providers, care-givers, change agents of some kind, men and women who had dedicated their lives to helping others— heart-to-heart.

These people didn't have big money as their foremost objective. To be sure they all wanted to make money —a commensurate return for the value they provided. But equal to making money was their need to serve the well-being of their customers and clients, and in so doing, earn the income they desired — not the other way around.

They also expressed their resistance to and sometimes down right objection to competing and keeping score— i.e. making money for money's sake. And some uttered the word “selling” as though it were a profanity. It became clear that there was a segment of the Internet marketplace that was not being served. That segment is peopled by soft sell marketers — all of us who are care-givers and life - change artists as distinct from accumulation artists whose focus is money first and foremost.

If you relate to what we're saying, The Heart of Marketing is written to you and for you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You'll Want to be Here for This!

Judith and Jim -
Outstanding authors and very interesting people Read some of what they have to say here and watch for more in the coming days!
1) I understand the two of you came to write this book - The Heart of Marketing - after traveling a very circuitous path. What happened?

We are former psychotherapists who ventured into online marketing just four years ago. We had to overcome our technical deficiencies and learn to make friends with the computer. Even more so, we had to open our minds to an entirely new way of being in the world, a whole new and very different mindset-a marketing/business mindset.

But all along we labored under the feeling that something was wrong. Or to put it more accurately, something just wasn't right. But what?

The answer began to emerge at the various Internet marketing conferences we attended.

We always felt a sense of displacement, a feeling of not belonging, of somehow being outsiders. We hadn't had years of business experience, no formal business education, and no family business connections. So we accepted our discomfort as just part of the newness we'd jumped into.

But at those same conferences we began to hear others who had the same complaint. "I don't feel right, somehow." We heard their complaints often enough that a pattern became clear. All those who voiced this kind of discomfort were service providers, care-givers, change agents of some kind, men and women who had dedicated their lives to helping others-heart-to-heart.

It became clear that there was a segment of the Internet marketplace that was not being served. That segment is peopled by soft sell marketers-all of us who are care-givers and life-change artists as distinct from accumulation artists whose focus is money first and foremost.

And so, soft sell marketing was born.

2) So you found yourselves uniquely qualified to write this book - a book that advances the power and profit of heart-based, soft sell marketing - at a time when a lot of marketing is still pretty darn - in your face - hard sell. What's that been like?

Actually quite surprising. Not just that we've attracted, many people who are looking for a different way to market and profit, but that we see that the hard sell community is taking notice.

3) Now, you say that soft sell marketers are primarily care givers and service providers - but aren't they the people we routinely deal with in our everyday lives? I mean aren't the hard sell folks pretty much in the real estate and stock and bond markets - that kind of thing?

Most marketers both online and off-about 90%-are soft sell marketers. They've just never been identified that way before.

4) You know with Obama now our President, it would seem that your book is really speaking to the change needed at almost all levels of commerce. Am I right?

Yes. The traditional marketing mindset, which is very competitive, every man for himself was modeled after what people at the turn of the last century thought Darwin was all about-survival of the fittest. That's not exactly what Darwin believed.

5) So what's the most common criticism you receive for the stand you've taken? Because you're really calling us all to rethink what happens in the buying and selling relationships that go on in our lives every day.

People haven't liked our use of the term "soft sell." They hear the word "soft" as meaning weak. That terrifies those who live in the traditional mindset. But we don't mean weak at all. Quite the opposite. Soft sell is much stronger than hard sell for creating long term profits.

6) Do you ever have people who say- "You're making too big a deal out of this? It's just business you know"?

Yes. And our response is that the phrase "it's just business," is the problem.

7) I was really impressed by the section you wrote about truly loving your customers. It's not the least bit sappy or off the charts. It really makes sense that customer relations should be treated with a great deal more care and value. So pin it down for our audience - what is it you are calling love when dealing with customers?

We are all interconnected on this planet-in this universe, actually. We co-create our lives together. That means we need each other. When you're aware of that need then, if you're the seller, your buyer is your partner in every sale (and vice versa).

8) Besides your book - The Heart of Marketing, Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back - you also run the Soft Sell Marketers Association and produce the Bridging Heart and Marketing conferences. There are tons of professional associations and endless marketing conferences. What makes yours unique?

Ours are based on the principle that Selling Is Spiritual Service and that a sale is a sacred event.

9) We've covered a lot of territory here. So before we run out of time, what do you want to say to all the buyers in our audience? And why should they read your book?

If you are a care-giver, a service provider, what we call a life transformation artist, our book is the only book written to identify, match, and support your marketing needs. As one of our endorsers wrote-"Read it and you will be impressed. Put it into action and you will be transformed."

10) And are there any kinds of business people who wouldn't be inspired or, at minimum, find profit from reading The Heart of Marketing?

Not really. When you apply the soft sell marketing approach you will create long-term relationships causing customers to trust you, buy from you again and again, and spread the word. As a business person, isn't that the point?

11) OK, finally, what would you say to President Obama if you could take your message into the White House?

That the change he is after is not merely a change in policy or politics but it's a mindset shift. And we offer the strategy and steps to achieve that change.

12) You two are so passionate about this. It's been a pleasure. And whether you are in business or you support businesses with your buying power - read this book - The Heart of Marketing. The world will be a better place when we make this shift in our business dealings! Thank you Judith & Jim for your time with me and for all that you are doing to change the world to make it a better place!

Watch for more information May 14, Thursday - Exciting opportunity for you to get free bonuses and more...But don't order your book yet - wait until Thursday

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our nearest star - 35 trillion miles away...How Far is that?

In perspective, a train going at the rate of a mile a minute would reach our nearest star in 48-million years. Make you think doesn't it. How will space travelers reach it?
If a song were sung there and the sound traveled here it would be 3,800,000 years before it reached us so that we could hear it. So much for crooning to your love, pining your heart out for her.

How about something lighter? A spider's web - or at least the silken thread that she uses to build her web would weigh 500 tons by the time it reached that star. Amazing to think of.

And what great mind figured this all out in the first place?
I read about it in Dale Carnegie's How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,"
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do a Piano and you have in common?

I read something to day that really brought home just how incredible we are as human beings. Brad Yates talked about an analogy between people and a grand piano. “I think human beings are like grand pianos—incredible creations capable of producing wonderful music.” I add or whatever good thing they dream of and work toward. Our self-talk can derail our dreams; uproot our fragile seedlings of beginnings before they get a chance to grow at all.

Think of some one you know and respect – your hero – be it Michelangelo or Bach, Beethoven, Natalie Goldberg, Kenny G, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Regan, Suzanne Lieurance, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale—whatever field they are in – Do you think they had a special break, or the luck of the draw?

Chances are they worked, faced defeat and rejection numerous times before they “won”. Joe Vitale was down and out, homeless, penniless, he's worth millions today. Not by luck, but through hard work and following his dream.

Not everyone can climb Mt. Everest, or design an Empire State building, Or be the thing someone else already is – I read a church billboard that said “Be Yourself—[the best you, you can be] — everyone else is already taken.” That is enough. That is what you should be. But, do not go to your grave with your music, your talent, still trapped inside you.

“Imagine a world where people felt free to share their grandest music…” Yates

What is your greatness? What if…? Think about it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Winged Pegasus

A Pegasus unicorn combination statue stands proudly on my bookcase across the room from a west facing window.
When I opened the drapes this morning, the sun barely up on the East side of the house a glow of soft peach/rose light spot-lighted the Pegasus Unicorn.
It seemed to glow from within. I had to pause to reflect on what it might mean for my day. I offered a prayer of gratitude for the beautiful vision it created as it reflected in a small circular mirror framed in pink lace that my young daughter had etched for me years ago. It was an experience that will probably never repeat.
It warmed my heart with joy and wonder. Everyday should start like this.
"Day by day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." Emile Coue And life seems to be rejoicing for me.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hannah Fox

Have you ever heard of her? Hannah Fox lived back when women were strong in more than one way. Her harrowing tale begins while she was helping her brother clear cut timber from their mother's property to build a better log cabin back in colonial Rhode Island.

I know they were strong women, I know they were pretty independent to survive in the wild wilderness that America was before settlers arrived in hordes. Many of the gutsy women who carve their own way in our world with many avenues to assist them are strong but in different ways. Hannah's world was dangerous.

One winter day as her brother needed to head to the nearest town before the next blizzard and a winter already begun, Hannah stayed behind to finish felling trees in an area they had yet to clear.

Let me back up, have you ever heard of a loggers' term called a 'widow maker'? That's when a tree gets hung up in another tree in a dangerous angle. When the logger tries to free the tree, the trunk sometimes shifts and hits the wary woodsman many times killing him. Hannah didn't have a widow maker - at least she was reasonably sure that the tree she felled was hung up in another tree's branches could be easily extricated.

She climbed the ten feet up into the tree to cut the wayward branch with her axe - as luck would have it the whole tree shifted. She rolled off the tree trunk and the gash she had made in the branch closed on her hand pinning her left fingers in it's crushing grip. She tried and failed to retrieve the axe. Her feet dangling inches from the ground, held by the fingers wedged in the crotch of the branch where she tried to cut lose the tree she had climbed. She resigned herself to freezing to death in the dark winter night. Her brother would think she was safe at home, her mother would think she was safe with her brother. Hannah prayed.

After she had fallen asleep she heard distant bells that woke her. She screamed for help with all the breath she had left in her to no avail. The bells, whatever they were, whoever was ringing them vanished as they had come suddenly. She decided it was foolish to hang there until death caught up with her. She retrieved a jack knife from her apron pocket and proceeded to cut her fingers off at the knuckles where they had lodged in the branch.

Once on the ground she wrapped her hand in a strip of her skirt and headed the mile back home.

I've seen the results of the widow maker in one of our young neighbors - half his face is now steel plate and he spent many weeks in recovery after days in and out of a coma. He was lucky to survive. Was he any braver than Hannah? He survived, she survived. Would I have had the courage to do what she did? I just don't know. But, it gives me pause for thought. How about you?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Words Survive

Picture by Sherri Palm at her home in Northern Wisconsin.

Ozymandias (1818) by Percy Byssie Shelly

This sonnet by Shelly just proves that words survive human rulers. Poetry/romantic perfectly turned phrases, will always remain. Even when rulers destroyed each others written words some survived. Preserved by someone who loved the words.

In this Petrarchan sonnet it is divided normally into 2 parts; question, formed by the first half, the octet, answers, normally follow in the second half, the sestet. In Ozymandias however, the octet paints an image, the sestet comments ironically.

The image of legs and a grinning face of a broken statue surrounded by a vast wasteland of desert sand speaks volumes to the reader. The writer paints the picture of the toppled statue that did not survive the ravages of time or change, but the words the author paints the scene with do. We don't have the desert but sometimes the snow can make the same statement. As with this picture by amateur photographer Sherrie Palm, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Poets and writers create these pictures in words. The best of both worlds.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mind of a Genius

Are you ready for the twist - The ending you never saw coming? A really well-done suspenseful read for sure. Please leave a comment for David Snowdon. Thank you so much David for writing this for our reading pleasure.

Final installment of A Payment From Heaven, by David Snowdon

The phone started to ring and Suzi Dangerfield, dashed towards the phone and grabbed the receiver.
“Hello,” she said cautiously, her heart thumping as she answered the phone.

“It’s me.”

“Hello, darling,” she said cheerfully, a dazzling smile appearing on her face as she recognised her son’s voice. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. It was a payment from heaven, mum.”

“Well done,” she said, as she continued to smile.

“There’s going to be another one in twenty-fours hours.”

“Lovely,” said Suzi, as she held onto the phone. “Nice work, Chris.”

“One for you and one for me.”

“Good boy,” smiled Suzi. “He wouldn’t have given us the money if we had asked for it.”

“I know. Look, mum, I’ve got to go. I’ll give you a call when I’ve got it.”

“Okay,” she said. “Take care, Chris. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”
And the line went dead.

Still smiling happily, she replaced the receiver, walked over to the sofa and sat down.
Thirty minutes later, as she relaxed on the sofa, the doorbell rang.
Wondering who it was, a frown appearing on her pretty face, she got to her feet and walked towards the door to the living-room.She got to the front door and opened it.
As she opened the door, Detective Sergeant Cliff Wheeldon stared at her.
A plain clothed detective stood behind him and also stared at her.

“Evening, Mrs Dangerfield,” said Wheeldon. “Detective Sergeant Cliff Wheeldon and Detective Constable Ian Dainty from the Epsom police station. I was here this afternoon.”
He showed her his warrant card.

“Evening, Officer,” she said, as she glanced at his warrant card and stared at him. “I remember. What can I do for you?”

“Can we come in?”

Suzi stared at him.
“What’s it regarding?”

“Can we come?” said Wheeldon, repeating his question and meeting her stare.

“Sure,” she said, letting them into the house.
They followed her into the living-room. Then she faced them.
“Tell me, Officer. What’s it regarding?”

“Where is your husband?” said Wheeldon, watching her closely.

“He’s not in,” she said.

Wheeldon regarded her.
“I’m sorry to tell you this. Your son was intercepted at Putney pier with a briefcase full of money. £100,000.”

Suzi felt her heart skipped a beat.
“Oh, my God! We thought he’d been kidnapped!”

“Your husband didn’t mention that earlier,” said Wheeldon.

“He was sworn to secrecy,” said Suzi rapidly. “They said they would kill him if we called the police.”

“Did they?” said Wheeldon.

“Yes,” said Suzi, feeling very nervous.

“When will your husband be back?” asked Dainty.

“I don’t know,” said Suzi.

Wheeldon stared at her.
“Your husband withdrew £100,000 from the bank today, and that was the exact amount that was found on your son when we arrested him. Can you explain that, Mrs Dangerfield?”

“What do you mean?” snapped Suzi, her eyes flashing angrily as she glared at him.
Wheeldon smiled at her.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, Mrs Dangerfield, but I planted a bug when I was here this afternoon. This house has been under surveillance for the past couple of hours.”

“I thought that was illegal,” said Suzi, as her heart thumped furiously.

“We intercepted the phone call that you just had with your son,” continued Wheeldon. “You’re under arrest, Mrs Dangerfield.”

“What’s going?” snapped Dangerfield, suddenly walking into the living-room, a puzzled expression on his face as he stared at Wheeldon.

“I’m afraid you’ve been played for a sucker, Mr Dangerfield,” said Wheeldon. “Your wife and son engineered the fake kidnap.”

Dangerfield was shocked as he looked from the officer to his wife. He couldn’t believe his ears.

Klawitter was an angel in disguise, he thought, as he gaped at his wife, a shocked expression on his face. If it wasn’t for him, they would have got away with it.

Written by David Snowdon
David thank you so much for your fun story! I will post my interview with David again tomorrow if you would like to know more about the man and his Genius Mind.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Mind of a Genius - continues with the short story

Payment from Heaven - And it heats up now.

He remained in the car and waited. Ten minutes later, his phone started to ring.
Dangerfield answered the phone immediately.
“John Dangerfield, speaking.”

There was a pause. Then the person started to speak.
“John, it’s Stan.”

Dangerfield was very disappointed as he recognised his friend’s voice, and suddenly noticed his number on his mobile phone. He was so sure it was the kidnappers, he didn’t check the number before he answered the call.
“Hello, Stan.”

“How’s life?”

“Life is good,” said Dangerfield, realising that every second he spent on the phone was crucial. “Listen, Stan, I’m very busy at the moment. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay. I just called to say hello.”

“I appreciate that,” said Dangerfield, determined to end the call. “Thanks for calling, Stan. Speak to you later.”

“Speak to you later, mate.”
They ended the call.

Fifteen minutes later, his phone rang again.
“John Dangerfield,” he said, as he answered the call immediately.

“Listen carefully, Dangerfield.” He recognised the kidnapper’s voice.
“I’m not going to repeat myself. There’s a white yacht moored at the pier. Leave the money in the yacht and drive away.”
And he ended the call.

Dangerfield remained in the luxurious car for a few seconds, his heart thumping rapidly against his ribs. Then he opened the boot from within the car and slid out of the car.

As he slid out of the car, he removed the briefcase from the boot, closed the boot and started to walk towards the pier. As he got to the pier, he noticed a white yacht moored at the pier, and he started to walk towards it. He left the money inside the yacht, walked back towards the car in the semi-darkness and got into the car. Then he started the engine and drove along the road.

Twelve minutes later, a tall, shadowy figure emerged from the shadows, got into the yacht and sent the yacht shooting across the Thames.

“It’s me, darling,” said Dangerfield, as he drove along the road and his wife answered the phone.

“How’s it going?” she sounded very anxious.

“I’ve just paid the ransom,” said Dangerfield.

“Have they set him free?”

“I don’t know,” said Dangerfield. “They told me to leave the money in a yacht, and I did it. But anyway, I’m on my way home.”

She started to say something, but Dangerfield cut her short.
“Listen, darling, I can’t talk now. I’ll see you when I get home.”
And he ended the call.

A few minutes later, as he drove along the road, his mobile phone started to ring.
“John Dangerfield,” he said cautiously, realising it was an anonymous call.

“We’ve got the money.” He recognised the kidnapper’s voice. “Thanks for being so reasonable.”

Dangerfield breathed a sigh of relief.
“Have you released my son?”

“He’ll be free to go,” said the kidnapper, after a pause. “But only if you follow the rest of our instructions.”

“What do you mean?” said Dangerfield, his heart beginning to thump.

“We want another one hundred thousand in twenty-four hours.”

“Are you crazy?” yelled Dangerfield, as his heart skipped a beat. “I’ve just paid you a hundred thousand pounds.”

“You heard me,” said the kidnapper. “And keep your voice down.”

“I can’t raise that kind of money in twenty-four hours again,” Protested Dangerfield.

“Twenty-four hours,” snapped the kidnapper.
And the line went dead.

As Dangerfield drove along the road, his heart thumping furiously, his mind darting around like a wild animal, he started to call his wife, then he stopped. He wasn’t too sure how she would react if he told her the latest news over the phone. It would be a lot better if he broke it to her gently in person when he returned to the house.

But as he continued to drive, he dreaded the very moment that he would have to do that. What an ordeal! In addition to that, he now had to raise another one hundred thousand within twenty-fours hours, or else… He couldn’t even bear to think of what the outcome would be if he failed to pay.
(to be continued)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Payment From Heaven, David Snowdon continues

You Don' want to miss what happens next:

“That’s the reason why we shouldn’t go to the police,” said Dangerfield, as his mobile phone started to ring.
He removed his mobile from his inner jacket pocket, glanced at it and swiftly answered the call.
“John Dangerfield, speaking.”

There was a pause. Then someone started to speak.
“Have you got the money?”

Dangerfield recognised the harsh, working class, London accent. He pictured the guy to be in his 40’s.

“Unmarked, fifties?”

“That’s right,” said Dangerfield.

“Lovely,” said the guy. “Start driving down the A3 towards Central London at eight. You’ll get further instructions from there.”

“I want to speak to my son,” said Dangerfield, as Suzi stared at him, an anxious expression on her face.

“Hold the line, mate.”

There was a brief delay, then someone started to speak.
“Dad? It’s me.”

Dangerfield recognised the voice.
“Hello, Chris. Are you all right?”
There was a note of concern in his voice.

“I’m fine, dad. Please pay the ransom. They won’t hurt me if you pay.”

“No problem, son,” said Dangerfield, seething with anger. “I’m going to pay the ransom tonight.”

“Is mum there?”

“Yes,” said Dangerfield, glancing at his wife. “We’re here together.”

“We’ll speak to you at eight,” said the kidnapper, suddenly interfering. “And remember, no cops and no tricks or your son is going to die.”
He ended the call.

“What did they say?” said Suzi, looking very concerned.

“They want me to pay the ransom tonight,” said Dangerfield, as he put his phone back into his inner jacket pocket.

“Is Chris all right?”

Dangerfield hesitated as he stared at her.
“He sounded all right. They won’t hurt him unless we call the cops.”

“If anything happens to that boy, I’ll kill myself,” snapped Suzi, as tears began to stream down her face.

“Don’t talk like that, darling,” said Dangerfield, moving away from her, and heading towards the liquor cabinet.
He urgently needed a drink.

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Rigby was tall, dark and handsome with dark brown hair and in his late 40’s. Today he wore an immaculate, dark brown suit with a white shirt and a dark brown tie.

As he sat behind his desk in the Epsom police station, working on his computer, he heard a knock on the door.
“Come in,” he said, looking up from his computer.

The door to his office slid open and Detective Sergeant Cliff Wheeldon walked into his office.
“Hello, Cliff,” said Rigby, as Wheeldon walked into his office.

“Hello, sir,” said Wheeldon, walking towards his desk.

“How did it go?” asked Rigby, as Wheeldon got to his desk and paused. He spoke with a home county accent.

“He said he needed the money for a business deal,” said Wheeldon. “But when Jefferies enquired about the business deal, he became aggressive and asked us to leave.”
Rigby stared at him.

“When a man as important as John Dangerfield, suddenly withdraws a hundred thousand in cash on two hours notice, I smell a rat. Being the CEO of a major food processing firm with an annual revenue of £2.2 billion makes him a prime target for blackmail. But if he said he isn’t being blackmailed, we’ll just have to leave him alone.”
“I think he’s hiding something,” said Wheeldon. “I think he is being blackmailed and we should keep an eye on him.”

“Maybe he is,” said Rigby. “But if he said he’s all right, we’ll just have to leave him alone.”

Wheeldon looked very disappointed.

“I still think we should keep an eye on him, sir.”

“Let’s leave it at that,” said Rigby, cutting him short. “It’s his money and we’ll just have to wait until he comes to us.”

“Okay, sir,” said Wheeldon, turning around and heading towards the door.

Dangerfield drove the Bentley along the A3 motorway towards Central London at 20.02pm. Daylight had come to an end and darkness had slowly arrived. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the A3 and as he drove, a thoughtful expression on his face, his mind was busy.

He was thinking about his son. He loved his son very much and he couldn’t wait to have him back. The £100,000 that he was about to part with meant nothing to him. Money was immaterial when it came to his son. And all he could think about was his son’s safety. His thoughts shifted to his wife. She had suddenly become a nervous wreck and it broke his heart to see her like that.

As he continued to drive, his mobile phone started to ring, and Dangerfield, who had connected his mobile to his Navman for hands-free access, answered the call immediately.

“John Dangerfield, speaking.”

“Are you alone?”

Dangerfield recognised the kidnapper’s voice as it came through the speakers.

“Head towards Twickenham. When you get there, stay in the car and you’ll get further instructions.”

“Okay,” said Dangerfield, as he continued to drive.

“And remember, no cops and no tricks or you’ll never see your son alive again.”

“Do you have to keep repeating that?” snapped Dangerfield, suddenly losing his temper.

The kidnapper ended the call.

Dangerfield continued to drive towards Central London at 50 miles an hour. He was heading in the right direction and he was glad that he didn’t have to make a detour. But why had they asked him to go to Twickenham? He was expecting to leave the ransom near the A3.

As he drove, he glanced into his rear-view mirror to see if he was being followed, but all he could see was the distant headlights of a few approaching vehicles, and they were too far away to be following him.

His mind suddenly drifted to Klawitter. That idiot could have had his son killed, he thought.

Thirty minutes later, he got to Twickenham, and as he approached the station, his mobile started to ring.

“John Dangerfield,” he said, answering the phone immediately.

“Are you there?”
The kidnapper’s voice came clearly through the speakers.

“Yes,” said Dangerfield, as he pulled up outside the station.

“Good man.”
There was a pause. Then the kidnapper continued to talk.
“Head towards Hampton Court pier. When you get there, stay in the car and you’ll get further instructions.”

“Okay,” said Dangerfield, as he drove away from the station.
The kidnapper ended the call.

Twenty-three minutes later, he arrived at Hampton Court pier, parked near the waterfront and stopped the engine.

Dangerfield glanced around as he killed the engine. There wasn’t a soul in sight. And there was an eerie kind of atmosphere that made him feel very uneasy.
(to be continued)