Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not An Ordinary Woman

The story of a young woman bumping into the enigmatic sorcerer Running Deer and her initiation into the sorcerer's world and mastering conscious dreaming. It takes the reader throughout the magic realms of the unknown and gives a new approach to the traditional training of women sorcerers.
The riveting autobiographical account The Sorcerer's Dream written by Dreamshield takes the reader throughout the magic realms of the unknown and mastering conscious dreaming. This book, following the traditions of Carlos Castaneda and others, gives a new approach to the traditional training of women sorcerers.
The author describes her initiation into the surrealistic world of dreaming and magic, following the teachings of 'Man of Knowledge' Running Deer. In the heart of Amsterdam, a thrilling stride unfolds in obtaining the knowledge of the Second Reality on the way to the ultimate goal: finding the Totality of the Self!
The combination of unusual instructions and experiences within the sorcerer's world and the level-headedness of a very Dutch woman offers the reader excitement and contemplation on the way to the source of this reality, finding the ultimate self through the experiences and understanding of Dreamshield herself. Up until the last page the reader remains intrigued whether Dreamshield will reach her goal.
Right by the author's side or facing her stands the character of Running Deer. Sometimes mysterious, then challenging, strict as a guru, or vulnerable as a visitor in a foreign country. However, the precise description of these distinctive steps on the road to her initiation stand like milestones in the landscape of this unique history.
About Alysa Baceau, Dreamshield
Dreamshield (Alysa Braceau) studied social work and is a freelance journalist who writes for newspapers and magazines. She has a Healing Practice and gives workshops about the Art of Mastering Conscious Dreaming and Dream Healing.
Topics and Themes Included in The Sorcerer's Dream
Mastering conscious dreaming, lucid dreaming, dream practices, spiritual adventure, healing, facing spiritual, physical and emotional blocks, work to release these blocks, experiences with magic mushrooms for facing blocks, dreaming attention, assemblage point, changing dreams, energy body, travel with your dream body, dreaming teacher, women sorcerers, witch, shaman, shamanism, North American Indian tradition and traveling to the unknown.
We look forward to talking to you about this tour. For more details about Dreamshield, visit www.dreamshield.nl and to read an excerpt, visit to read an excerpt http://assets.booklocker.com/pdfs/4654s.pdf. The book is listed on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sorcerers-Dream-Dreamshield-Alysa-Braceau/dp/1609101561


Unknown said...

Good interview that left some interesting gaps that I want to explore further. On the book list. Good luck!
Fran Orenstein-Author,Poet,Editor

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Fran, it is an amazing book - everyone should read it.
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Margaret Tanner said...

Wow, what an interesting interview. Best of luck with the book, it sounds fascinating.


Unknown said...

Thanks Margaret for stopping by it is a book to read for sure.