Tuesday, July 31, 2012

M Is For Murder, Mayhem and ...

M is for Murder, Mayhem and Money Isn't Everything

Money isn't CNA, Mary March's main concern. Like everyone else, she wants fair pay for a day's work. She is content to be part of the Certified Nursing Assistants team as its leader, but arrogant, rich Doctor Tanner Irish thinks he is the answer to every woman's dream, or so it seems to Mary. She refuses to be another notch on his four poster bed. "Money isn't everything," is her mantra when it comes to the dear doctor and his attempts to date her.

But, the story isn't only about these two butting heads. Something is amiss at Idle-A-While Nursing home. It has become a dangerous place for employees and residents. Whatever it takes to get what she wants, Jayde Blarney means to make heads roll. Elder abuse is like open season for murder and only part of that mix. Is it either jealous rivalry, or something way more sinister?  Mary is desperate to turn things around before it's too late for her or the residents of Idle-A-While can she?

Money Isn't Everything a mystery suspense taking you into a seemingly quiet venue and turning it into a spiraling nightmare of abuse and danger for Mary March and her staff.

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