Sunday, July 22, 2012

J is for Justice, Juxtaposed, Jeopardy and...

J is for Justice, Juxtaposed, Jeopardy and Josh Avery in Watch For The Raven a Young Adult Historical Adventure that adults enjoy as much as the young adult crowd. 

Josh is angry. The injustice of his father insisting he go out in the cold to find acorn nuts to repair his father's false teeth. Never mind Josh would probably be out playing anyway or gathering wood for the fireplace or some other activity he chose to do outdoors. There were no video games, television or computers in the 1800s to entertain children. His anger jeopardized his life.

Juxtapose prejudice rumor, gossip and truth and Josh's most feared thoughts become reality when he finds himself lashed to a travois (a homemade stretcher of sorts) being dragged behind a painted pony ridden by the tallest Indian his nightmares had never ever concocted.

Justice looms large. Josh regrets his angry launch into the wilderness. His father would be frantic with worry. Josh just might wind up dead. Terror juxtaposed with regret and he had nowhere to turn for help. Josh slipped back into a restless and painful sleep. His broken leg infected now and it was in as much trouble as he was. 

Follow Josh's adventure in 1800 Colorado where Native Americans were still Indians and a perceived dangerous threat. See for yourself what J is for justice, juxtaposed with jeopardy can mean.

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