Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rip Off By Mar Preston - a review by Billie A Williams

Rip-Off, reviewed by Billie A Williams
Murder mystery by Mar Preston
ISBN 13 – 978-0-9844952-3-8
ISBN 10 098-44952-3-1

Mar Preston hits the ground running when she penned Rip-Off. "…the first forty-eight hours of a homicide investigation were golden. Mason isn't about to let his crew slack off as tired as they are, time is critical, he leaves no room for excuse for either himself or his investigators. "

Rip-Off is set in Santa Monica, California and the reader instantly can feel Mar Preston's command of the territory. Rip-Off is a different kind of mystery in that it deals with an unusual theme. While murder is not that unusual, condo embezzlement is unique. A vagrant, or a street person, found dead in an expensive condo belonging to a man of money is not usual. 

Detective Dave Mason, protagonist, has his hands full trying to tie all the loose cannons in this story into a neat non-volatile package. 

If you enjoy a good police procedural you'll enjoy working the case with the interesting characters in Rip-Off. It's a good read if you can keep the characters straight as Preston untangles the mix before your eyes.


Word Crafter said...

I think everyone must be asleep today or afraid to comment. Come on guys where are you? Billie

Mar Preston said...

I'm eager to hear what readers might think of a hard-boiled story like this with a little very real romance thrown in. I certainly enjoyed writing it and living the life of a homicide cop in Santa Monica.

That's one of the great benefits of being a story teller. You get to be there too.