Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July, Fire Works and Fin, Fur and...

Fourth of July
Fire Works
Fin Fur and what about our pets? Somehow I am confused. Fire Works by individuals are illegal. Yet, nearly every corner has a stand that sells them.
Fire Works are banned because of the extreme heat and drought conditions in a lot of places this year - municipalities that know how, can and people should go enjoy them there...

Personal fire works are not why for three nights in a row - are their massive fireworks displays from three different places fired over my home in a quiet little village that also has a fireworks ban? 

I'm confused - and the people who are shooting them off are on welfare, have no job, no visible means of support, get food stamps and visit the local food pantries, get a free cell phone and subsidized rent on their bigger house for their 9 or a dozen cats...But I who pay taxes - who own my own home need to pray that a spark doesn't ignite my yard, my house or a neighbors house ....What is fair? 

The pets, the poor dogs, cats and other critters that people profess to love are subject to this abuse - "Oh, they go and hide." Was the reply I got - You IDIOT they are terrified - and you are doing it. What does that say about you.

I'm confused--how about you?

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