Saturday, June 23, 2012

D is for Danger, Diamonds, Death and...

D is for Danger, Diamonds, Death and…
There is danger in Diamonds, Death and Deceit, the novel that takes you from the University to the Dark Continent.  Ex FBI agent, David Hemingway, turned to the Peace Corps and teaching to try to regain his sense that the world is made up of mostly good people.

 The explosion that ripped his family from his arms, the Mafia hit that causes his pain is a world away…or is it?

In a move from Quantico, Virginia and big city crime, to the tiny African Village of Ewando  he discovers the world is the same only the players have changed. 

His mission becomes helping the people of Ewando to see the value of education, the folly of their superstitions and to stop the raping of the country's resources, pride and heritage. 

When Organized Crime, in the form of the Russian Mafia, wants something they will stop at nothing to get it. David Hemingway is in their way. Will his FBI training be enough to stop them and pull peace and tranquility from chaos and the race for diamonds, ending in death, and covered by deceit?

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