Friday, June 15, 2012

On The Go With Children's Author Nancy Sanders

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Featured Book:
Frederick Douglass for Kids: His Life and Times with 21 Activities
By Nancy I. Sanders
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Book Synopsis
Few Americans have had as much impact on this nation as Frederick Douglass. Born on a plantation, he later escaped slavery and helped others to freedom via the Underground Railroad. In time he became a bestselling author, an outspoken newspaper editor, a brilliant orator, a tireless abolitionist, and a brave civil rights leader. He was famous on both sides of the Atlantic in the years leading up to the Civil War, and when war broke out, Abraham Lincoln invited him to the White House for counsel and advice.
Frederick Douglass for Kids follows the footsteps of this American hero, from his birth into slavery to his becoming a friend and confidant of presidents and the leading African American of his day. And to better appreciate Frederick Douglass and his times, readers will form a debating club, cook a meal similar to the one Douglass shared with John Brown, make a civil war haversack, participate in a microlending program, and more. This valuable resource also includes a time line of significant events, a list of historic sites to visit or explore online, and web resources for further study.

Author’s Bio
Nancy I. Sanders is the bestselling and award-winning author of over 80 books including the picture book D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet, illustrated by E.B. Lewis. She teaches other writers how to launch their career to the next level based on material found in her groundbreaking book for writers, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career. Nancy and her husband, Jeff, live in southern California. They have two adult sons, Dan and Ben.

Interview with the Author
On the Go with Children’s Author Nancy I. Sanders

What are some of the ways you plan to market your new book, Frederick Douglass for Kids?
I’m supplying teaching resources for teachers to download and use with this book on my book’s site as well as sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers. I’m also going to events such as a local school’s career day to talk with kids about writing and distribute promotional materials about my book. Plus, I’ll be attending ALA later this month where the publisher has set up a booksigning to help get the word out about my book to librarians. Then there are also events I’m hosting on my blog such as the Book Launch Party that is going on right now.

Are you available to speak at writing conferences?
Yes! I love sharing practical tips on how writers can jumpstart their writing career to the next level of success. In May, I just finished teaching at a large conference, the Orange County Christian Writers Conference. I’ve taught at various writing conferences over the years. Many times people ask me to teach on writing for children since that is my area of expertise, but I also teach workshops on time management and setting successful career goals for writers of all genres. These classes are based on the information I present in my award-winning book, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career.

Do you ever do online workshops or classes?
In this day and age, virtual workshops over Skype or AnyMeeting are so do-able! I can do small virtual workshops with just two or three writing buddies…or workshops with large groups where they put my image on a big screen for a hundred or more writers to gather and enjoy. I can teach a workshop to one group gathered in one place…or a group of writers spread out all over the country all at the same time! My fees are very reasonable, often just $20 per person depending on which options you choose. Plus, I have taught so many workshops and writing classes over the years that I can dovetail yours to meet the needs of your particular group. Since I’ve written over 80 books with publishers big and small, I’ve got a lot of experience in different genre and with different publishers. To find out more about setting up a virtual workshop, e-mail me at and visit my site:

What are you doing to celebrate the release of your book, Frederick Douglass for Kids?
This is the last day of my two-week virtual Book Launch Party! And today’s the last day to enter to win a prize! Stop by my site today to join in the party as it’s winding down. You can join the fun on my blog today at:

Thank you so much, Billie, for being the final stop on my Book Launch Party! It’s been a joy!
And thank you for visiting Nancy it has been such a pleasure. I'm sure my readers will love it.


Nancy I. Sanders said...

Billie, it's so great to be here visiting on your site today. Thanks for being a stop on my Book Launch Party!

T. Forehand said...

Nancy's book is awesome, great resource for both kids and adults. I have learned much from her writing books too, she is a great teacher and author. Great end to her tour.

Donna McDine said...

Hi Nancy,

Terrific idea to attend school career days. Never thought of that. Congratulations on the release of you latest book.

Best wishes,

Word Crafter said...

Nancy it's great having such an interesting and prolific writer for a guest. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your world with us.

S.K. Hamilton said...

Congratulations, Nancy on the many books you've published. And the outstanding marketing you do.

Thanks Billie, for sharing her with us.


Susie Kinslow Adams said...

Thanks, Nancy, for your willingness to share your vast experiences with others. Congratulations on the release of your latest book; will be great for adults and kids. Thanks, Billie, for a great interview.

Annalisa said...
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Annalisa said...

Marvelous interview! Thank you!!

Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hey, Nancy, and Billie,

What a great interview. Have fun at ALA, Nancy. I'm sure you'll sign loads of books while you're there!

Everyone should get this book! It's so interesting. And, if I were a teacher - or had kids at home - I'd love to do all these activities with them!

Thanks and happy reading!