Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Book and a Great Resource for Writers fiction and non-fiction

I just bought a new book, well okay I bought it on June 5, but I've been going through it and I wish I had an affiliate link for this book because I'm going to recommend it every where to every one.  It's called Sell Your Book Like Wildfire The Writer's Guide to Marketing and Publicity, by Rob Eagar...what makes this one different is that he doesn't leave the fiction writer behind - He makes it useful for all of us-- 277 pages of awesome things...like - did you know what to do with Author Connect on Amazon - do you know how it can really help you sell your books for free?

Do you know how to effectively use twitter, facebook, linkedin and the rest?  I took copious notes--and I'm still trying to digest it all. It doesn't make you feel over whelmed but it does give you a head full of what's out there and how to use it.

And each chapter he has an online resource or two on his website you can download for free. I mean this guy gives so much!  I think I paid $16.99 for this book from Writers Digest but it was worth every penny. I am usually pretty skeptical because most times its all for non-fiction -- not this one. One chapter he interviews publishers, agents and others that know what we deal with when we seek publication. It's down to earth. It's a " here's how we see what you submit," kind of stuff straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. This guy just knows what we need.

His website is http://www.bookwildfire.comgo check him out.

I'll post stuff in a couple days that I've learned from here. And another resource that I just got called "Your Daily Success Plan,7-Steps To Starting Every Single Day With The Right Mindset, A Clear Direction, And Unstoppable Energy!" by Dennis Becker...talk about stoked - I'm ready. LOL

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