Thursday, July 26, 2012

K is for Killer and ...

K is for Killer and…In most modern mysteries that is true. 

There is a tote bag picture floating around the internet with the phrase, "Don't annoy the author. She will put you in a book and kill you…" What an absolute good idea. 

To dispense with what annoys you whether it's a sibling, boss or company. The solution has potential for monetary value without criminal charges.

Got an editor who drives you to drink or thoughts of putting up your pen for good? Perhaps it' s time to write a new novel. An insurance company or agent pushes you to seek recourse? Reach for the pen instead of the sword. Skull Music takes insurance companies to task, as Arnold Beeblebox, former agent of an insurance company rebels against their harsh treatment but did he carry it too far? 

Do you see big business stomping the little guy? Read Ghost Music of Vaudeville or My Brother's Keeper for non-violent solutions, well the book may off a few people…but figuratively speaking you are off the hook, no malice or mayhem on your record.

K is for killer and Knapsack Secrets has its share, a modern mystery that shares the stage with homelessness, corporate greed and jealous rivalries in competition.
A good read is better than a small cell any day. So do the write instead of the murder.

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