Friday, July 20, 2012

I Is for Icon, Intrigue, Irony and...

I is for Icon, Intrigue and Irony and…

It would seem in a mystery, especially mystery suspense, that there is always a certain amount of irony.
The hobby, candle making, of protagonist, Danielle Maynard Ord, in Death By Candlelight makes a convenient murder weapon. But wait, you say, if she's the protagonist, she wouldn't murder--unless, of course, she's an anti-hero. 

That's where the intrigue comes in. We are invested in Danielle's life before murder or estrangement enters the picture.  She's a high spirited, fun-loving, hard-working young woman. Her past may have had some scraggy moments in it. Her parent's life style is a major snag in her memory, but a hopeful future, which includes a husband, Randolph Ord III, is in her mind. 

The future looks broad, bright and beautiful, until, the icon of happily-ever-after marriage, the fairy tale, becomes a nightmare.

A candle infused with cyanide, a lethal weapon, but is it a murder weapons? In whose hands? You decide!

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