Sunday, July 29, 2012

L is for Lady Slipper, Love, Loss and...

L is for Lady Slipper, Love, Loss and…The Pink Lady Slipper mystery suspense. 

This bed and breakfast goes by the name of ThePink Lady Slipper. The pink lady slipper is a beautiful but deadly plant. The roots are poison to human and animal. 

The story unfolds as Tina Moncha is called home to the property her mother left her when she died. Her mother wanted to turn the sprawling log cabin with a sordid past into a bed and breakfast. It had been a brothel, a stage coach depot, a mafia vacation resort and a saloon, in its long history. It even shepherded runaway slaves through the Underground Railroad and bootleg liquor during prohibition. That is the real story of the sprawling log- building—the fictional story uses all these interesting facts to create the atmosphere, the intrigue and mystery and the murders that are haunting everyone trying to renovate the structure, especially Tina. 

She is trying to sort through why did her mother die and how? Every turn shows her something else and she is hard put to make sense of it all. See if you can figure it out before something happens to Tina or the other players in this Northern Michigan setting.

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