Monday, July 16, 2012

H is for Homeless, Helpless, Hero or...

H is for Homeless, Helpless and Hero or…Knapsack Secrets. Why? 

Homeless, yes; Helpless, yes; Hero it takes a while for her to discover that. Because Audrey is all of the above or so she thinks. 

Sometimes all that is needed is something to test our metal to determine if any or all of our thoughts are true. While Audrey is homeless, sort of, she finds a new home that is full of more love and life than the old one ever was. She may be jobless, but she is not without a purpose.

While Audrey is feeling quite helpless, when someone else needs help, she finds her own strengths and courage to help them and thus erase her own feelings helplessness.

Audrey is a hero to Valentine Azusa, and to her young friend Zip (you can meet him again in his own story Cold Water) she actually is her own hero when she makes up her mind to uncover what happened to her career, her husband, and her life but she also helps Valentine survive, and Zip come to grips with his quandary with gangs, homelessness and abandonment.  

Yes, Audrey went from homeless, helpless and destitute to friend, survivor and never homeless or helpless, at least for now. And now is where we live and all that really matters.

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