Friday, August 3, 2012

N is For Nuisance, Notorious or...

N is for notorious, nuisance or not-what-it-seems as things rarely are in a mystery. Ancient Secrets is no exception. A necklace, not particularly stunning, just something a tourist might pick up as a trip memento, but is it just a piece of costume jewelry? Was the Maltese Falcon a statue of a black bird and nothing more?

Hidden beneath the layers of common, every day, lays a secret. It always does in mystery and in life. It may not be a skeleton in a closet, Small Town Secret style. It may be undercover in plain sight, Ancient Secret style.

As our hero, Daringer Smith, discovers a deadly secret, his journey to status quo is laced with twists, turns and trepidation and has only just begun. The necklace has already left a trail of bodies behind it, or was it something else that murdered, or was it really just natural causes all along? Do you believe in ancient curses? Would you take a chance that they are so much hyper boil and fantasy, or paranormal gibberish?

Professor of Archeology, Daringer Smith,  and Professor of Anthropology, Abigail Stonehenge, don't dare discount the curse or believe its hog wash. They have seen, and believe in the beads' power. The power stones of the goddess Ebony are cursed, or are they? What about you? What do you believe?

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