Monday, March 26, 2012

It’s More Than Printed Words When It Comes to Mystery Writing

When the forensic team arrives at a murder scene, what do they do?  How can the tell how long a person has been dead and if there’s no gun or knife wound, how do they figure out  cause of death? (link)
Patricia Cornwell uses her background in forensic science to inform her mysteries. It is always amazing to learn what tales a dead body can tell a medical examiner or a forensic crew. The scene itself is scrutinized with microscopic care, even though the real center of the investigation is the body. The way a master story teller, mystery writer systematically layers the clues or extracts them from victim and circumstances not only makes for a good read, but if you are a writer, clues you may be able to use in your own writing.
Patricia Cornwell’s latest is no exception. Red Mist [Link] is methodical, suspenseful and a spine tingling good read. I enjoy every one of her books.

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