Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter Seven

[Actually the last chapter was chapter Six this is the REAL chapter Seven]

Chapter Seven

Jamie was allowed into the property, not that anyone, but the rookie questioned her right to. She needed to get to Ben, hear from him, what he was thinking.

"I'll come in and talk to you and Ben soon as I corral these bees and move them out." Sherriff Hale waved a hand toward the army of the various law enforcement personnel.

Jamie knew they would leave a few to watch the grow until they could harvest it, and plow under any roots—at least she assumed they would. They wouldn't dare burn it. She almost chuckled at that thought. Depending on the wind direction, a bunch of happy folks wasn't necessarily a bad thing…she groaned at her private joke, must be the drive made me slap happy.

Ben sat slouched in his favorite thread-bare easy chair. He didn't look relaxed or comfortable. He jolted to his feet when she entered. His face went from happy recognition to overwhelm with the shadows of trouble. He held his hands out to her.

She didn't know what to say to comfort him, instead she wrapped her arms around him and just held on. "What a mess, hey?" She said finally as she released her grip. Ben backed away nodding his head.

Certainly is missy, and I—" He slumped back into his chair leaving the sentence hanging like laundry on a clothes line blowing in the wind.

"I don't know, I never seen, this mari—weed—whatever –growin. In all my years, I never—well, you know."

"I certainly do know Ben." She sat on the arm of the easy chair and draped an arm over his shoulders. "They'll figure it out. Don't you worry."

Jamie could see slight relief in his demeanor, but he was going to worry. That's what Ben did was worry over everything until he had it resolved to his satisfaction.

:Who found it?" Jamie asked the question she had been wondering since she arrived.

Ben stood up again. This time he began pacing, pinching his lips between forefinger and thumb. "How would he know what it was?" He questioned, the question burned in his eyes a she stared through Jamie—for some unknown answers.

"Who?" Jamie felt she already knew, but where was his nephew if he was part of the investigation?

"B.J. He's the one done found it. He was riding fences, checking the ditches—He--." Ben stopped and turned to gaze out the window. Lost in his own thoughts.

"Where is B.J. now?" Jamie wanted to know if he turned in the find, how could he leave his uncle to face the music alone—BJ wasn't stupid—arrogant maybe, but not stupid she decided.

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