Saturday, January 1, 2011

What to Talk About in January 2011

Besides the new cover for my book Watch For the Raven  a young adult historical adventure.
There is plenty to talk about, plenty to write about, - for instance:
January 1 is First Foot Day  stick your foot into 2011 and show yourself what you're made of and Z Day this might be tied to January 3 if we go with Festival of Sleep Day - you know all those Zzzzzz's linked together to make a contented snore sign. With the kids back at school, and dad back at work - or mom back at work - the old remote is once again yours and the recliner Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

January 3 is Festival of Sleep Day One source says January 3 is "Thank God Its Monday," Day Lets see how we could combine these two... Well, back to work Monday, things at status quo, you can finally get some rest because you are at your normal everyday job, that you learned to do with your eyes closed while you enjoy the Festival of Sleep Day or just slide back into your normal routine. Kids out of your hair and back at school 0r hubby is back at his job and you have the house to yourself and a novel just waiting to be written. I prefer to think TGIM is about another day in a brand new week, with a brand new look at the opportunities presented to you and all sorts of possibilities open to you.

Do you remember the Mouseketters?  Today is a day that is filled with surprises, nobody knows what's going to happen...I loved that song - I still sing it because it's true - There is nothing better than a Monday - unless it's a brand new year, a brand new Month and a brand new week. Enjoy! Make the most of it and Happy New Year to you.

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