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Marvin Wilson Visits - Saturday January 12, 2008

Hi Marvin, I’m so glad you agreed to be interviewed on my blog – Printed Words ( ) today. It’s a real pleasure to host you.

1. Question: I’m sure you will probably hear this more and more but the question first in my mind is—Who is the REAL Marvin Wilson and is he at all like the Owen Fiddler your new book.

Oh, jeez, ya just had to go and let the cat out of the bag … that was supposed to be a secret! (sigh) Yes, Owen Fiddler is very much like me. He is a composite of all of us, those elements we abhor in others but seldom admit to in ourselves.

2. If someone was going to make a movie out of Owen Fiddler, who do you see being cast as Owen?

My first choice would be Kevin Bacon. He’s average enough looking, not one of those Hollywood GQ types, and he can pull off the “selfish prick” character with panache.

3. Tell us about your first published book – Title, genre and all that stuff. How does it compare with Owen Fiddler, or perhaps it doesn’t – what are the similarities and differences.

I ROMANCED THE STONE (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie) is an autobiography in the spiritual/inspirational genre. I wrote it to help others, my way of “giving back” to God for saving my life and soul. Three years ago I was a lost, broken down shell of a man, a hopeless narcotics addict. Nobody’s fault but my own, I had made my own bed and was miring in it. A powerful spiritual experience with the Christ cleansed me in an instant. It’s not a “preachy” book, but hopefully a pointer that can dissuade others from making the same mistakes I made and convince someone who has started down that path to wake up before it’s too late. I have, in fact, received e-mails from several people I never met who read it and were inspired to give up the pipe/needle/bottle in favor of spiritual health and God’s Love. You can imagine how that makes me feel.

OWEN FIDDLER is a fiction, but it deals with the same subject, in essence that is. It is much lighter, a more humorous and fun read than STONE, although there is some humor in STONE as well. Both books are about choices and consequences … the knowledge of right and wrong, free will and responsibility for our actions. Whereas STONE is a personal journey, OWEN is an abstract – an anthropomorphic principle that everyone can relate to in some measure.

4. What is the theme surrounding your work – it all seems tied together, the music, the art, the books — is it? Please explain that connection or disconnection among it all.

All my efforts to communicate, whether it be music, art or the written word, are themed with spiritual admonitions to get past your petty isolated little “self” and reconnected with the One.

5. What part does music play in your career as a writer? Do you consider yourself a professional musician as well as writer? Talk to us about your music…what does it mean to you, what do you hope it will mean to your audience.

Well, the term “professional” means you make money at it, it also is supposed to represent a level of quality (although that’s not always the case), so I guess I am a professional in both music and writing. Music came to me first and easiest, but I love both means of expression and yes, I would have to say they both have an influence on each other in me as I create. My song lyrics and my books have spiritual messages.

6. Which is your first love, the written word or the music and why?

I am a musician first, I suppose. I was singing and performing at age two, well before I could read or write. My first career was that of a rock and roll guitar player, back in the late 60’s and throughout the 70’s. Music is the universal language. Music speaks to the heart and soul without need of translation. There is only one song, only one note, really, and that note is the WORD, the quintessential fabric of creation. (That is, by the way, one of the themes in OWEN FIDDLER) When I took up the art of writing, I wanted to be an author who makes the written word sing and dance on the page, really engage the reader like music can absorb the listener, instilling all kinds of emotion and thought. Good writing, even prose, should have rhythm.

7. When I watch your videos, I’ve seen two of them so far, I feel a complete range of emotions from happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and joy. Did you build your videos to elicit these emotions or is this just a buy product of your convictions?

Both. I’m big on emotion. I want the reader/listener/viewer to feel all the “pushed envelope” aspects of the human condition.

8. Who painted those water color images in the video “Owen Fiddler is Here!” - was it you, a friend? Were they commissioned for this video or discovered and then the video built around them?

My son, Blue Moonsky, is a graphic artist. I dabble with drawing, but he surpassed me at about age 10 or 12 so I defer to him when I want a drawing done. He did the cover art for the book OWEN FIDDLER also. Blue drew the Owen Fiddler and Frenda Fiddler sketches in the video. The rest of the images I found on free sites on the internet. Thank God for Google!

9. What does Marvin Wilson do in those quiet hours when you are not writing, playing music or designing videos? Do you have any hobbies? What is your recreation?

I read a lot, not just for fun (which it is) but also as a professional duty. Any aspiring author who is not reading as much as he/she is writing is not going to get very far. There is sooooo much good literature out there and every great author has style and skill you can glean something from to improve your own craft. Besides reading, I like watching sports (Big Pistons and Tigers fan), a good movie now and then, educational TV (love history and discovery channels), picnicking, meditation/prayer, playing cards, playing with the grandkids. I also love woodworking, although I don’t have a shop right now. One of my wish list items for retirement is a well-equipped woodworking shop. I get immense pleasure crafting things out of wood. I’ve felt a connection with trees ever since I can remember, was an avid tree climber as a kid. My favorite “get away from it all” pastime is rustic camping.

10. Can you give us a peek at a normal/average day for you.

When I’m in the writing “zone” – those times when I can’t type fast enough to get the thoughts and inspirations out, I’m often up at 3 or 4 in the morning pounding away at my keyboard. I sometimes annoy my wife because the clicking is so loud it wakes her up. Those days I can write for hours at a time, taking breathers every now and then to check e-mails, eat, and hit the little boys’ room. But of course, those days aren’t “normal” – if they were I’d blow up in short fashion! Most days I am up early, just before dawn. I love to watch the sunrise from my terrace over the lake … even in the winter I am out there, it’s so inspirational and I have a quiet meditation/prayer/devotion time. Then I hit the computer for a few hours, e-correspondence, networking, marketing, etc. Around mid-morning I’m hungry so brunch-time (seldom eat breakfast), then if I’m so inspired I write. If I’m writing crap (and I am a big critic of my own writing) I hit the “delete” button and move on to my other interests. Occasionally I do small carpentry jobs for additional income – can’t afford full retirement yet. Sometimes I go and baby-sit my grandkids in the evenings so my daughter and son-in-law can have some free time.

11. Where did the Average Praise Band come from? What is the background about Rhythm and Truth?

My brother, Dana, and sister-in-law, Kim co-pastor the church where I received Grace and was cleansed of my demons. I’ve been a member ever since, and quickly was added to the praise band, which was small and not very big on professional talent at the time. Then one Sunday a young brilliant guitarist showed up and wanted to play with us. Big boost. He is a member of a very popular (in Michigan, at least) secular band that had a drummer and bass player who were also Christians. They joined the next week. HUGE BOOST! Now we have a top quality praise band that raises the roof with highly spirit-filled Christian Rock Music. The name, “The Average Praise Band,” was my idea, a play on the “Average White Band.” The CD, RHYTHM AND TRUTHS (We’ll Praise the Hell out of You!) is heavy into the blues/rhythm and blues/rock and roll genres, so that gave birth to the title.

12. Where do you see yourself and your career ten years from now?

Well, if I can come this far in less than three years and God willing I live on, continue to grow, learn and improve my writing skills … in ten more years I would hope my books will be a common site on the shelves of bookstores and libraries across the country and maybe even around the world. When I get passionate about something, I have this “if I’m not successful it will be over my dead body” kind of attitude. So, in ten years I’ll either be a successful author or dead.

13. Is there anything else you wish to share with my readers – something that inspires you to create perhaps?

Just get in touch with yourself. Not your “ego-self,” – I mean the divine self. Listen to your first thought and always obey it, act on it. Second, third and fourth thoughts are usually selfish rationalizations as to why you need not heed the first thought. Spontaneous inspirations are more accurate, more abundant with universal truth and meaning than pondering. I’m getting Zen here, but when you eat, just eat. When you laugh, just laugh. When you cry, BE the cry! When you sing, become the song. Be here now and enjoy every precious second of life.

14. One more question, how old were you when you first decided to write as a career? And do you think it takes getting tough times before you really see what you were meant to do with your life? If so what were those tough times for you?

I was fifty-five when I decided (actually was commanded) to become a published author. For me, yes, it took some bottomed-out Hellish times and experiences to get to my real calling in life, that of an inspirational communicator. That was just my path, however, it’s certainly not necessary and I would not recommend my path for anyone faint of heart. I nearly got myself killed. The whole story is contained in (and the purpose for writing) I ROMANCED THE STONE.

Billie, I want to thank you for having me on your blog and the opportunity to interact with your readers. Your questions were very thought provoking and I had fun composing the answers. I wish you and your writing all the best and look forward to a long friendship with you as an esteemed colleague. If your readers would like to learn more about my books and me, here is my contact information:

Book Websites: and
Blogsite, Free Spirit, at:

I ROMANCED THE STONE sells on or if you want an autographed copy, just e-mail me.

OWEN FIDDLER the Ebook is now available on and by the end of January it will also sell at and – print copy (trade paperback) version should be out my mid-year 2008.

Thank you so much for being here Owen/Marvin you are a marvel and your answers to these questions help us know the real you and it’s an amazing you.

Best Wishes and good luck with all that you do!


unwriter said...


You're going to get dizzy on this whirlwind tour! Keep going. These are great questins and greater answers. I've read both your books and highly recommend both.


Unknown said...

He sure is - what a busy guy and with so much to share! Thanks for stopping by Ron,

Anonymous said...

Answers are getting better as tour continues. They read a lot less self consciously.
Nice Job!

NovelEagle said...

This is an excellent interview. Billie, I admire your skill.

Peggy Ullman Bell, Author

Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview, guys!!! I'm learning more and more about you as the month continues Marvin :-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I enjoyed the spiritual sides (writer and musician) of Marvin in this interview.