Thursday, April 26, 2012

W Is For Way-out, Whodunit? And ...

W Is For Way-out, Whodunit? And Writing Wide, or Watch For The Raven
A way-out is crucial for your sleuth, and at times it will seem the antagonist whodunit, will be the only lucky one—the antagonist is always the one with a way-out, always-- until the end that is.

When you are writing a mystery, your sleuth must always have a way out. Even when he doesn't know whodunit, and the future looks its bleakest—that is when your protagonist will shine and her true strengths will come through.

As a writer of any genre when the dreaded writers block threatens you – you could crack open a copy of Writing Wide, or Writing Wider to find writing prompts, writing tips, writing exercises and a way out. You are the protagonist of all you write. The forward thinking answer to the way out. Whodunit? Yoududnit, when you hear a reader rave (not to be confused with Watch For The Raven) about your latest creation.
Pick up that pen writer soldier. March to the front line, and write like the wind in whatever strength and direction it blows you.

Sure paint yourself (your protagonist) into a corner but always have a target so you know instinctively where to find the way out. Good Luck!

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