Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q Is For Questions, Quixotic, Quisling and...

Q Is For Questions, Quixotic, Quisling and…what does that have to do with mystery?

In mystery the question often arises about the quixotic goal of the antagonist. It's his/her goal really that delivers the conflict, the reader interest in the story.

The word taken from Cervantes character Don Quixote defines the idealistic, impractically so, fanciful dream of romance and chivalry of a time when men were men and sworn to love and protect the fair maiden.
Then came the quisling, feme fatale and all bets were off. 

Mystery can benefit from these two types. Death by Candlelight, idealistic protagonist Danielle is in love, head over heels with –well the relationship we discover appears to be quixotic, she pinned her star to a typical bad boy and now she must get rid of him. An arsenic laced candle (her hobby is making candles for sale) solves her problem or—does it? Or, is this just the beginning of her problems.

Our other Q word finds its way into My Brother'sKeeper.  Is the protagonist's (Elle's) best friend the one who begged her to come home to rescue Elle's father, the Ojibwa Chief and the tribe from unbelievable trouble—is she a quisling, nemesis or friend begging for help? 

In a place where nothing is as it seems, quixotic, quisling and questions muddy the water for the solving of mysteries making engaging reading for the mystery buff. 

Quixotic: Impractically idealistic, fanciful from the name of an Quixote the hero of a chivalric romance by Spanish writer Cervantes (1547-1616).

Quisling: A traitor collaborating with an occupying enemy force. Taken from the name of Major Vidkun Quisling who ruled German occupied Norway in World War II.

New (to you) words can create as much mystery as the story you wish to tell. Don't toss words away. Use them for all their merits.

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