Saturday, April 7, 2012

G Is For Gangster, Guns and ...

G is for Gangster, Guns, and Ghost Music of Vaudeville...

I'm reminded of the movies and black and white news reels of Al Capone or Dillinger. Some of the gang wars, though I never knew of them personally, except for living in the area of Little Bohemia where Dillinger finally met his demise, so they say.

The intrigue and mystery of Big City Crime, Crime Families, The Mafia—fill the imagination and fuel the muse of a mystery writer. It would seem only big money, resources only money can buy and the manifest destiny attitude of Crime Family richness can pull off some crimes. 

Ghost Music of Vaudeville
In the same time frame the Keith Theatre had a long and rich heritage of spawning new actors and wonderful memories for generations. Ghost Music of Vaudeville visits this era to explore a mystery writer 'what if?'  And a story was born, the characters, some borrowed from another book, Skull Music, Some brand new. Piano man, a man who first appeared in a wood-grain paneled wall of a double wide trailer we were renting and later was captured by an artist in an ad for a National Artists course being offered. The Keith Theatre needed a music man—a composite of some dear grandfatherly male figures from my childhood offered themselves as the perfect model for the story needs. 

Gangsters, Guns and Ghost Music of Vaudeville, a fitting tribute to G-men, if you will excuse the intended pun.


Kelly Stilwell said...

Very clever, Billie!

Kelly Stilwell

Word Crafter said...

Thanks for stopping by Kelly and your kind words.