Saturday, April 21, 2012

S Is For Sleuth, Scurrilous, Skullduggery and...

S Is For Sleuth, Scurrilous, Skullduggery and Skull Music which has all of the aforementioned.

When your sleuth (accidental or detective-type) is on the case, she must be constantly alert for scurrilous or vindictive people who would purposely mislead her in order to bad mouth or destroy the reputation of another.

Many a mystery uncovers the skullduggery under way, finger pointing, blaming others…all the while that one finger points at someone else the true sleuth is aware of the three other fingers pointing straight back to the accuser. Whether that accuser is the real criminal or not, the misdirection distracts our sleuth, because she needs to investigate every lead. She will, of course, keep in mind the green eyed beast, jealousy; possibly it has reared its head again. Or maybe, just maybe, the information is valid.

Can a milquetoast, cat loving, insurance accountant really be a deranged malevolent murderer? Skull Music may change your mind, maybe not.

Many a mystery uncovers skullduggery and scurrilous motives, ulterior motives for reporting what might have been. Also note, what every police officer knows, eye witnesses are unreliable observers. 

Just as with writers given a certain writing prompt, say—"yellow" or "an abandoned tricycle," no two stories will be the same no matter the size of the group. Check out the winners in a Writer's Digest Magazine prompt contest sometime for proof, and there are hundreds who enter their contests.

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