Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J Is For Jury Rig, Jury or ...

J is for Jury Rig and Jury or July Heat

Jury rigged means improvised or make shift. It could be a structure that is jury rigged but it's usually a means to an end. A way to solve a problem temporarily until a more conventional or permanent solution is found.

July Heat by Billie A Williams
Jury rigging a lock to enable their entry sans the owner's permission provides easy entry for a burglar or someone bent on turning up July Heat on a December chilled day. Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Gardner and Dean Koontz all know, intuitively, how to do this. The reader, on the edge of her seat, checks doors and windows locks, moves cell phone and its charger closer in case she needs to call for help. She nervously turns the pages pushing sleep away to finish the book or find somewhere safe to stop reading. 

When the cat accidentally knocks a vase off and it crashes with a deafening, heart-stopping, breaking-glass smash onto the floor, she screams and the book snaps shut as it goes flying across the room.

The reader may regain her composure, but may very well jury rig a back up to the locked doors by sliding a chair tipped so that its back is under the doorknob to prevent intrusion so that she may—just may—dare to sleep, while the book lays where she flung it earlier. 

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