Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O Is For Operative, Operation, and...

O Is For Operative, Operation, and Orchestrated Murders and Perhaps even Organized Crime

If you watch James Bond movies and other movies of that ilk, you understand operative. Dan Brown's Books give you a look beyond operatives, most any books dealing with syndicated crime, crime families or the Mafia will put in in a position to know about operatives. In general most likely refer to a secret agent, a spy. He or she could be  a double dealer, a double agent working for both sides. A Tight-rope, a thin wire and most stressful way to live—but great fodder for a mystery writer.

Whole books have been written about the operation, the means, methods and mind set of Crime Families. Usually, lumped under the title Mafia, the book The Mafia Encyclopedia, From Accardo to Zwillman by Carl Sifakis or Organized Crime, The Insider's Guide to the World's Most Successful Industry, by Paul Lunde define and delineates Mafia and Organized Crime for a writer.

Operation can refer to a heist, or robbery by local hoodlums, or a formal, plotted plan of larger international or national significance—with or without Mafia or Syndicated Crime Families.

Ghost Musicof Vaudeville involves an operative; it involves a Crime Family, yet the guilty party is merely a pawn in the whole operation. He is expendable, which serves to remind the reader and the writer that in the world of crime, especially Syndicated Crime, everyone is expendable.  Usually, once in the Family the only way out is feet first, perhaps, tied to a cement block and pushed off a pier. 

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