Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V Is For Villian,Vegetable and...

V is For Villain, Vegetable (poison, edible Zucchini) Valentine Express

Villains come in all shapes and sizes.  They wear many hats and not necessarily always the black hat of the days when villains dressed in black and good guys dressed in white. Their motives for their vicious treachery are often as varied as the characters possibilities would suggest.

Sometimes in an inanimate object, a string of beads, the power stones of the goddess Ebony, as in Diamonds, Death and Deceit, become the villain with accomplices.

Sometimes a vegetable (poisoned by accidental bad zucchini or mushrooms) turns deadly at the hands of a caterer or an act of Mother Nature. Capricorn Goat, a catered meal turns deadly. Did Echo Folio, the caterer) poison her ex-boyfriend and his fiancé at their engagement dinner? (But there's more Рyou can find out on the contest page for this mystery novel.) Food propels the means, method and motive for many a genre.

A simple meal will never again look the same once visited by a mystery author's romantic suspense in Valentine Express. A railroad engineer and a bubbling brew of spaghetti sauce provide the milieu of another Cricket Sawyer bit of short fiction.

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