Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choices for Painted Pony and other considerations

Hi Readers
 So far we have Jamie and her painted pony at a scene that hasn't yet been described by the author. I figure we have at least 3 choices. Here are the fourI'd like you to vote on.
 What Jamie encounters when she comes around the corner is:
1. A tape recorded trickery that used a trained horse to deliver her to this spot...someone with a sinister motive awaits her.

2. There is a crying baby, the mother is injured in a fall from the horse - the child is crying the mother is bleeding profusely from a gash on her head.

3. A Baby is discovered, surrounded by wolf cubs and a colt - the baby has a note pinned to his/her shirt.

4. a vision - a council fire with elders chanting and singing with the drum - they summoned her to save the Indian burial grounds from developers. Her deceased father is among those present at the council fire. The Painted Pony was sent because her father knew her love of animals would win over anything else going on in her life.

So there are your choices for me to continue - send me an email at Billie and tell me what you think.
Then I will continue with the next chapter next week.
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Sylvia Kaye Hamilton said...

Love this new cover, Billie. Great looking Indian.

pee Wee

Joyce Anthony said...

I'm most inclined to go with the fourth scenario, Billie--with three as my second choice. Whichever one you go with, I know you'll do well!

Word Crafter said...

Thanks Joyce -- the vote so far leans very heavily toward #4 and someone offered a twist to that one that might make it even more interesting. I'll keep you informed.
Thanks for your comments.