Saturday, July 9, 2011

Small Town America

Small Town America
"Small towns have long memories and pass their horror down ceremonially from generation to generation."
That may not be your perception of Small Town America, but it was one author's perception. Setting in a small town can evoke peace, tranquility, safety, but add a few 'what ifs' and you can swing that mood in many directions.

Houses absorb the emotions that are spent on them, or in them.
They say, an untimely or violent death leaves the ghost behind to haunt the premises until that ghost is avenged. Certainly, that could put a different twist on the tone and premise of your small town story. Or, what about the recent news story of the house built on the nesting site of garter snakes. The snakes claimed the residence. They would not be moved or excluded. What kind of milieu would that create for your story? What type of character would it take to live in that house?
Small Town Secrets invites you to explore a small town in rural Wisconsin. Is it your town?  You be the judge. Buy your copy from Amazon Now or from the publisher Wings ePress in all the various formats. Buy Now!

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Small Town Secrets by Billie A Williams
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