Sunday, July 3, 2011

Do Something "Good", Jump on the Band Wagon… Pass on the Good Wishes

"If Wishes were horses, the beggars would ride."

When we pass around these emails "do this and something "good" will happen to you in X hours." Sometimes a time is given, sometimes a monetary amount is suggested that you are to expect if you  pass on to 5-7-or 10 friends or however many it suggests the message always included. How many friends would you wish good fortune?

Why do people jump on this band wagon? Simple, we want something good to happen to us. And, of course, if all it takes is for us to pass on good wishes to a few other people—Let's do it? Let's get going virally.

Think about it. All that next day you are looking for, anticipating, expecting, your good to appear. Aha! That's the SECRET—expectation—because if you look hard enough for your good, if you expect to receive it, if you THINK you deserve it and believe it, it comes true! 

When we worry or fear contemplate the worst case scenario—guess what happens? Right, either you've wasted a ton of energy, longevity and health on seeing the bad, which may appear as you wished or may just have given you ulcers for nothing. If you expect good and don't get it, nothing is wasted.

As Mike Dooley says, "Thoughts become things. Pick the good ones."  Or, if we're going to wish and hope and pray, it makes perfect sense to pick the good and pass it on.

Conceive it, (thought) believe it (wishes, hopes, prayers) Achieve it! Our good, whatever that might be is ours for the wishing, hoping, dreaming and working toward that end.  I remember a quote I read ages ago, "Even, if you are on the right road, if you just sit in the middle of it, you might get run over." 

Recently I received one of these messages and instead of deleting it as I normally do because I worry about passing on viruses, or some other evil spam from the ether—I let the worry wart sleep and passed on the message to seven people as it suggested.  The next day, I was looking for the good that was coming my way. First, one little thing (2 kindle books sold – my first). This trickled and tickled my gratitude. Not big money, but good—"my good news".  Nothing in the message put a dollar amount or a premium value to my good news -  so this was it, this was good and I was grateful for at least that.

But then, a funny thing happened, periodically throughout the day good news grew like a well-tended garden planted at the perfect time, in a perfect way in a perfect soil, producing an abundant harvest, sharing joy and gratitude for the tiniest fruit, seemed to multiply that good. That's why these messages go viral and that's why they work. Expect only good, think only good thoughts, see what happens. 

Remember what we think of as bad, may really be the best for us.  I can offer you numerous examples of what I thought was a bad thing when it eventually turned out to be a GOOD thing. You have to examine what you receive, look for that seed of good. It may not appear right away—but look for it, slowly erode that mask and look beneath the surface for your good. Expect it, believe it is hiding there somewhere, look at every angle, you may have to adjust your rose colored glasses or your focus to find out why this was a good thing in disguise. 

Example: We lost a tenant for a rental property we own next door to us. Actually, we lost him before he had finished moving in because of someone with a vendetta against us. I was crushed and angry, but before the dust settled I realized just how lucky we were that this person decided not to rent from us. His penchant for crying wolf when there was none, his nervous habit of finding something wrong with everything, and "fixing it" usually just making it worse or breaking it, or asking for it to be checked over, all would have been a nightmare even if we didn't consider his habitual lying about everything and anything. We were so lucky and I thank the person who bad mouthed us and created his reason to not accept this house. Whew! There are more examples, but I'm sure you have your own surprises to relate to this situation.

So your good may be disguised in a difficult or seemingly bad happening. The moral of this story is trust that everything has a purpose and if you think good thoughts the good will come through. You may have to look hard, but it's there.

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