Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Does Your Character Want

In fiction there are no selfless acts.
Even the most altruistic character acts as he or she must in order to feel good and to be at peace. As with all your characters, they either want to gain something or to get relief from something.

So there you have it - set a goal for your  character to achieve in every scene that they are part of and you will have them heading toward their main goal - which should be the topic of your story.

Write like the Wind, Words count - even if it's just for fun --
like the color burgundy...Write for 5 minutes about me your results if you like = )
Money Isn't Everything

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Good job, Ginger. I found myself nodding (not to sleep)as I read each paragraph. It's amazing how you fall into one of those writing traps and don't even realize it. Thanks for the eye opener.