Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exercise Your Choices - Sick Of Doctors?

When it comes to your health, Money Isn't Everything. 
Here's some advice from Loren Burkhart

Exercise Your Choices
We all know that doctors are busy. Your doctor may have done early morning rounds at the hospital, seen 15 patients and answered other doctor’s inquiries before you appear on the scene. Is this your fault? No. (A good reason for early-in-the-day appointments.) Put yourself in the doctor’s chair.
Choose to be prepared for the doctor’s appointment.
1)      Be clear and concise about your problem state what’s going on, how long have you had a problem, and if you are you taking medications or alternative treatments.
2)      Don’t tell the doctors what to do: I have a sore throat, so I want an antibiotic. Tell your symptoms. Let the doctor diagnose the problem.
3)      Ask next steps and options.
4)      If the doctor tells you what to do (hands you a prescription, for example) ask what the outcome will be if you don’t take it, what are the side effects, what are the other alternatives and why the dosage. Have you ever questioned your doctor in this way?
Listening works both ways – choose to listen carefully, take notes and ask questions. If your doctor doesn’t seem to be listening to you, ask if the doctor has questions about what you are saying. That’s what we mean when we talk about communication.
Choose to be appreciative. Communicate to your doctor that you appreciate their expertise and are looking forward to working together to resolve your problem. Prepare yourself for the doctor to show total disbelief – they probably don’t get many compliments.


Joyce Anthony said...

I recently had the chance to review this book and it is a must-read for anyone dealing with the healthcare system!!!

Billie A Williams said...

Thanks for your comments Joyce. It does seem to be a life saver - like don't let your HMO kill you a couple years ago. And the healthcare system is a scary place especially when you retire. My hats off to Lorene Burkhart

Lorene Burkhart said...

Thanks for the positive input on the book. Check out the Web site. We have a FREE download for medical consumers to start a health care notebook. Just one step to becoming an empowered patient and helping doctors get the right information about your health/wellness.