Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walking Away From Crime

In So Many Words, At Least in Print.

Is your walk giving you away? Why do you think security or surveillance cameras are so effective? Even if the face is masked people can, and often do, recognize someone’s walk. Think back, remember a time when you saw a person you knew in a crowd, their back to you walking away. Say at a fair or other large gathering, how did you know for sure it was them? Their walk? Did it give them away?

One of the things super spies do to disguise themselves is to change their walk. This is easier than you might imagine. With the addition of shoe lifts, wedges and various devices that could significantly change your gait, your stance, give your walk a lopsided balance perhaps—a limp or some other quirk you normally wouldn’t have.

Think of the shoes you normally wear. Do you feel different and thus carry yourself differently when you wear boots—work boots, cowboy boots, waders as opposed to tennis shoes, dress loafers, slippers or if you’re a woman high heels? Sandals or thongs – deck shoes or joggers?

What you wear suits the occasion, unless, like my granddaughter; wearing combat boots under her wedding gown to make a statement about her independence, her attitude, refusing to be pigeon-holed for any occasion, then what you wear on your feet affects not only your carriage, the way you hold and move yourself, but perhaps your whole demeanor.

When the CIA’s disguise expert Antonio Mendez helped six U.S. Diplomats escape from Iran he used the guise of a Canadian film crew. Did they perhaps swagger out as eccentric as any Hollywood type might, perhaps? Did young become old with stoop shouldered shuffle assisted with a cane? Think Estelle Getty, of the Golden Girls Television Show. She was the youngest of the cast, and yet, she portrayed the oldest. Part of her mask, her disguise, her character was her walk. So, spies and criminals aren’t the only ones who use this trick. Any mystery writer might thing to use it as well.

Everyone does have their own way of walking. Developing a new walking style could change your life, or just be your best disguise.

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