Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cauldron - Vampire Suspense Thriller

ISBN 978-1-59705-474-4 (electronic)
978-1-59705-527-7 (print)
It isn't often the printed word will give me chills, and a picture is worth a thousand words - say the gurus - So here is a picture of Cauldron's cover. Cauldron is a small midwest town in the rural northern reaches of Wisconsin. Some towns have a history. Cauldron's is being reinvented as old mansions are being renovated. There seems to be an actual run on the town to reclaim the old and stifle the new.

Vampires don't really exist do they? That is the question on the towns peoples minds as they chat over coffee at the local cafe after some homeless people have been murdered. No weapons found only puncture wounds on their necks. Something is wrong in Cauldron.... Very, very wrong!

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Tahlia said...

Ooh. The cover is too creepy for me. It looks like it's for hardcore horror fans. A cover is so important in getting to your intended audience, isn't it?

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