Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love of Words

Words, Words, Words, my stock in trade. I can never get enough of them. Bob Bly just released a whole book - with nothing but words every vocabulary should have. At the top of that list I would put Compassion for your fellow man - but today I found another word about words from Your Dictionary Dot Com - Love this daily email!
The word:
Periphrasis (noun)

Pronunciation: [pe-rê-'fræs-is]

Definition: The figure of speech whereby a longer, descriptive phrase is used in place of a simple word or phrase; circumlocution; the use of several words where one would do.

As writers we are warned of this nearly daily by editors and critiquers - but being a wordy lot that we are we need to make our word count grow - even at the risk of confusing our reader - or boring them to tears. Not a good thing to do if you are trying to increase your readers list.

We do love to play with words though, don't we? Next time you are tempted - besure all that verbage is necessary - The Dictionary of Concise Writing, by Robert Hartwell Fiske has written a dictionary just for us to keep on track. Check it out of you want to express yourself the best that you can.
Speaking of words my good friend J. Gayle Kelly's An Apple For The Teacher will be an exploration is just what the good use of words can do. Hurry out and get your copy wherever good books are sold. ISBN 1-60703-902-8 It's a great read.

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