Monday, May 25, 2009

The Influence of Fiction

Robert Louis Stevenson - a great author. Putting pen to page he crafted, he illuminated, he put a world together to make us think and dream and believe. What books influenced him most? I'll let him tell you.

“…The most influential books, and the truest in their influence, are works of fiction. They do not pin the reader to a dogma, which he must afterwards discover to be inexact; they do not teach him a lesson, which he must afterwards unlearn. They repeat, they rearrange, they clarify the lessons of life; they disengage us from ourselves, they constrain us to the acquaintance of others; and they show us the web of experience, not as we can see it for ourselves, but with a singular change - that monstrous, consuming EGO of ours being, for the once, struck out….”
The Art of Writing by Robert Louis Stevenson

So if you were doubting that writing was a less than noble profession I believe you need to rethink that. I say three cheers for fiction and Robert Louis Stevenson.

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