Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks Everyone for playing Friday Free For All

The book with the most frequently selected hook was SKULL MUSIC this is the cover.

I Want to thank you all for playing along with Friday Free For All.
I still have prizes to give away - and I had hubby draw numbers out of a hat tied to each of you - so in order as they came I will list them here.
There is no easy way to do this - So I will list the names here - and then I will contact you as it becomes your turn to choose.
1. already done was Vicki (Artist Way Workbook)
2. Sandra C (The Watch)
3. Linda E
4. Zoe
5. Cora
6. Joyce
7. Suz
8. Ron
9 Pee Wee
10 Janet
As for the best question - that was really a hard one, all of the questions were thoughtful and interesting. It was unique and different and it was Joyce who asked if my clues are picked before I start a mystery or if my characters discover them. Truth is I had never thought of it until she asked - So it was a surprise when I realized that yes my Characters find the clues not me. So thank you JOYCE if you would like a download copy of the edited Small Town Secrets - which is the prize for this - let me know or you can have your choice of a book you haven't read from my Wings books.

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