Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The latest on the Printed Words -Blog Tour

The blog tour is going along just wonderful - so many nice people so much fun information and questions -- you would not believe what gets printed about me--you will see I'm not just another pretty face LOL. But there is more news afoot as the week continues Marvin Wilson is going to be a guest right here on my printed words blog on January 12th -- here is a bit of a preview about Marv
Dear Blog Hosts-

Here's some cool stuff to help raise interest and drive more readers to your blog for our interview dates. Hats off to Billie Williams, btw, she started this and I just HADDA follow suit! LOL - Incentives are attached and also pasted here for your convenience.

Announcing OWEN FIDDLER January 12, 2008 Blog Tour Prizes!

To all you wonderful hosts!

1) Please announce to your readers that everyone who leaves a comment on your blog-interview with Marvin D. Wilson will receive downloadable PDF file sample first chapters of both my published books, I ROMANCED THE STONE and OWEN FIDDLER. Make sure to keep a list of all commenting visitors – come Feb 1, send me the list and I'll send them the thank you gift.

2) All commenting visitors are eligible for a drawing from which I will select three winners.

* 2nd runner up will receive (his/her choice) either a print copy of I ROMANCED THE STONE or a downloadable PDF copy of OWEN FIDDLER.
* 1ST runner up will receive the same option/choice.
* Grand Prize Winner will receive BOTH books.

The drawing will take place during the first few days of February, as soon as I have received the lists of commenting visitors from all the hosts.

Also (and this is for you guys) – whichever host receives the most comments on their blog-interview will receive from me (your choice) – either a print copy of I ROMANCED THE STONE or a PDF copy of OWEN FIDDLER or a copy of my CD, The Average Praise Band – RHYTHM & TRUTHS (We'll Praise the Hell out of You!)

Let's have some fun with this!

Marvin {-:>

Book websites at: Owen Fiddler and Rock of All Ages
Got MySpace? MySpace at: Marvin the Martian
Big ol' blogs at: Free Spirit

Get ready to check him out. I'm sure he'll be posting links to some dynamite video trailers with music and all - you are gonna love this - take my word for it.

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