Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Break From the Blog Tour

A couple of days off from the blog tour. It has been quite interesting. Not that I am interesting, but the questions I've received sure have been. It makes me think about what and who I am, what my printed words say to others. My novels appeal to many people and says things I never knew they said.

January first Small Town Secrets , my latest mystery/suspense was released. The ads connected to my blog and Google adsense alerts went on a search for the title, unfortunately it latched on to gays as a community that my Small Town Secrets was directed to. My Small Town Secrets is not at all about gays.

A couple friends came to my rescue when I was considering jumping off a bridge and offered some terse printed words to correct the misnomer or the mistake in Google guidance that has occurred.
"There is nothing gay about burning down a town",says Ron Berry and a serial arsonist is on a mission in Nettlesville in my Small Town Secrets.

Berry also suggests, "The secrets in these closets are not at all gay". The secrets uncovered in my Small Town Secrets have the potential to destroy lives. They are about some powerful women at odds with each other because one has won the coveted prize of Nettlesville's Town Chair Woman designation. The other is the powerful owner of the Daily Nettle Newspaper. It is essential that these two women work together if they are to save Nettlesville from the arsonist. Yet when Olga digs up a skeleton in Chaneeta's past, hoping it will destroy her -- something happens...will it destroy Chaneeta or as sometimes happens will it make her stronger?

A larger question still is, will they be able to bury their rivalry long enough to save the town from becoming more than a heap of ashes.

What else is going on in Nettlesville?
Be sure to join the blog tour and hear more - or buy the book at and find out for yourself about these Small Town Secrets that are different from those others.

Thanks for stopping buy and be sure to come back on the 12th to visit with Marvin Wilson - a delightful man, with a great story or two and some video trailers that will knock your socks off.


unwriter said...

I'll very gaily (read that as happily) read anything Billie writes!


JanetElaineSmith said...

rpI love it when somebody takes a negative and turns it into a postive. Good job, Billie. You paint a good (word) picture.

S.K. Hamilton said...

Gay: I've always wondered how that pretty word got demoted.

Anyway...Small Town Secrets is by far GAY. It's intriguing and very STRAIGHT to the point.

Pee Wee

toddyachts said...

Enjoyed the words of Marvin Wilson. Nice to see someone take a vice and turn it into a virtue. There's hope for all of us!

Word Crafter said...

Hey Todd,
Thanks for your comments to Marv - He does show a person how its done doesn't he. And yes it gives us hope in this crazy world.