Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free For All Friday

Hi Everyone,
to thank everyone who helped me with my little "Hook" project - I'm declaring FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL Party Day!!!
Come on over to my blog at http://printedwords .blogspot. com I will have a whole raft of prizes to give away. I will list them early in the morning and then all day long I'll be drawing names from those who leave a comment on my blog and you will get your choice of one of those prizes...So get there early and come back often. Just leave an email addy with me so that I know where to get in touch with the winners.
It's gonna be a fun day....So COME ON DOWN!
http://printedwords .blogspot. com
www.billiewilliams. com

Oh and the top three picked winners of the hook project were:
1. Tung Umolomo
2. Skull Music
3. Death by Candlelight
In that order and all three of them were able to go on to the person who wanted to see them - she would accept three So MEGA THANKS EVERYONE!! I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

January 11, 2008 Friday Blog Tour Break

1. The best question of the day will receive a download copy of Small Town Secrets
The rest of the prizes - will be picked by you from these. When you comment your name will go into the hat and each name drawn sometime during the day will get to pick the prize they want. So Come early and post to get first dibs on the prizes. = )
2. Download copy of Spice Up Your Writing! Write to Entice
3. T-Shirt with the cover art for Small Town Secrets (size M) (1)
4. Writing Wide Mouse Pad (1)
X Vicki chose this as her prize. The Artist’s Way Workbook (1 )
6. Wolf Hot pad set (1 set of two hot pads)
7. One wolf oven mitt
8. Gardening tote bag (1)
9. Dolphin Beach Towel (1)
10. Tiny pink Valentine Unicorn (1)
11. Dream catcher charm (1)
12. Valentine Pencils 2 ea. (6 total)
13. Hand made jeweled Snowflake bookmark 1 each (5 total)
14. Hand made snowflake charm bracelet 1 each (5 total)
15. Hand made snowflake pin 1 each (5 total)
16. Hand made snowflake key chain 1 each (5 total)
X Classic Elegance Lady’s Wrist Watch (1)[Gone- Sandra picked this pize]
18. Peach nectar Bath/Shower gel (1)
19. Black Berry Nectar Bath/Shower gel (1)
20 Dolphin small plate/knick knack (1)


unwriter said...

Wow! Now this is a party!! Looks like I get stuck with dishes. No, wait, that's the last arrival's job. You're getting this blog thing down to a science.
If you could have your pick of publishers and be guaranteed they would publish your book (at no cost), who would you choose? (I'm thinking traditional big house type publishers?)


JanetElaineSmith said...
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Toyhabilitation said...

Okay, I'm not sure if I am wording my question right or not, but here goes: Ebook publishing allows a lot of writers to get published who don't necessarily follow the genre/storyline conventions or limitations of traditional print publishers. Do you there is such a thing as a typical ebook reader/consumer, and how does their purchasing power affect how ebook writers and publishers decide what to write/publish? Or is the ebook publishing industry still too young for any trends or conventions to have devloped so far?

Vicki (

S.K. Hamilton said...

When do we get the rasberry cheesecake cake? LOL!

If you could meet one of your favorite authors in person to spend one whole day with, who would it be?

Pee Wee

Word Crafter said...

Wow, Early bird gets the worm. LOL not does the dishes.
Very good question! I think Putnam or Little Brown, because I like most of the authors they publish.
But, you know what I wouldn't be shying away from any One of them! LOL
Thanks for the visit and the question.

Word Crafter said...

Hi Vicki,
This is a great question and I'm not sure I have the answer though I do have an opinion.
I think the e-book makes reading possible in more venues and there fore a great idea. I doubt that it will ever replace the print book. But it sure will help more authors get more "shelf space". With the new e-book readers being developed and made cheaper and more accessible - it's just a matter of time before e-books have a large share of the book sales. IMHO

As for the typical reader - I think at first it was a trendy, younger working woman -- that quickly flattened out and I see more and more people reading e-books because they are portable, you can carry a whole library with you, and it's convenient.
Thanks for the visit and the question.

Word Crafter said...

Hi Pee Wee,
So glad to see your smiling face so early. Boy, who would I want to meet face to face...Decisions, decisions -- you know who I'd really really like to meet face to face - all writers in one stage or another - the whole WORD MAGE GROUP. Those would be the ones.
Thanks for asking.
Great question - not a moments hesitation to answer either.

zoe said...

Hi, I am new to blogging so I thought I would drop in and check it out since there's a party going on?

Deaf Crochet Poetess said...

Hiya! What is up with y'all? Looks like you are so busy! Your creativity well must be overflown!

Sandra Cox said...

Wow, cool prizes. One of everything please:)

Sandra Cox said...

What improvements do you see e-readers needing before they really start to capture the market?

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie--I have a question for you!!! All mysteries have clues scattered throughout eading to the conclusion. I was wondering if you "come across" the clues as your characters do--or do you list the clues you will use in advance and work them into the story?

Word Crafter said...

Hi Suz good to see you. We are trying to shake it up a little today. Go to my website and you'll see a whole schedule of the blogs participating in my month long blog tour. Find it at

Word Crafter said...

Hi Sandra,
That is an excellent question. I think the biggest thing right now is the price. And the New York Publishers making all their books available for e-readers. As soon as the book clubs start offering that option too things should open wide up.
I don't think they will push print books out. But I do think they will take a pretty good bite out of the market for print books. We are so mobile today and we want ease and instant gratification on just about everything--that is part of the draw for the electronic books.

Word Crafter said...

Hi Joyce,
Good to see you here! Excellent question too - you guys are going to make it hard for me to pick the best question {grin}
Actually, I do let my characters show me the clues - I start out with what's going to happen and an end goal in mind, but the rest is totally up to my characters. Clues just pop in as I'm writing - much like today when I was writing - Echo (The Capricorn Goat - BookClub free read) was caught outside-it's night, its winter, she's in her bathrobe, the door is locked, a coyote has decided she would be enough for lunch -- January is in the middle of a dream --) ooops this is chapter 31 better not spoil it for the club. But clues come in just from the characters tossing them at me.

Word Crafter said...

Okay going to draw a name from the hat - that person will get her/his pick of the prizes - except for number one as that goes to the best question. Good Luck!
sooo drum roll please!!!!!
VICKI -- VICKI HALE will you take a look at all the prizes available and pick the one you'd like.
Then we'll draw another.
Good luck everyone

Word Crafter said...

Prize winner number 3 is Linda E
As soon as she picks her prize -- we'll draw for another one.
Keep an eye out here.