Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where Did October go?

Well, It's November--off to a roaring start and I hardly finished doing October. {smile} 
I had a book released last month - Diamonds, Death and Deceit. The printed words are available in all electronic formats as well as print. Wings ePress, Inc is the publisher.
The book is set in South Africa, Ewando to be exact, not too far from Durban--You all know where Durban is don't you? Well, David Hemingway is an ex-FBI agent who decided to take his life in another direction after he lost his wife and infant son in an explosion detonated by a local crime syndicate.
Doctor, Alcina Danvers, a long time friend of his, invites him to come to Africa and set up a school with the Peace Corps to begin his new career as a teacher. He accepts, looking for the welcoming peace and quiet of a remote African village. At least that is what he thought he was going to find. Almost immediately he is caught up in the Xhosa people's struggle to maintain not only their native heritage, but their land and resources and their pride and life style. Who is he fighting? He finds out, eventually. After nearly losing his life and that of Alcina's, as well, in the process.
Pick up your copy and join us in this mystery/suspense adventure to the Dark Continent. Writing Wide: Exercises in Creative Writing

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