Thursday, November 11, 2010

100 Words...That's all

I can do that - after all 100 words isn't much, although I do remember when I thought 250 words was like a cruise ship compared to a canoe - impossible. Now, I write without much thought to how many words. Sometimes a thousand words is easy, a chapter of 1,300 or even 2,000 isn't all that much. Call it all in a days work. But what happens on those days when it's as if your mind quit thinking in words, or pictures, or anything but spaghetti noodles.
Today was an exceptional day...The local Amberg American Legion held their traditional ceremony to light the lights on the the trees that honor the veterans remembered by those who gathered for the dedication. There were enough members who were recognized both living and deceased that two trees were needed this year. Each light lit was a donation to honor one vet - from those who had served in any conflict past,and to the present day.
The crowd was larger than previous years. The Legion president was hospitalized, gravely ill,  so another took his place...the ceremony was beautiful and memorable. It always is. Then a chili lunch was served by the Ladies of the Legion Auxiliary and a family-like gathering continued to bring the attendants closer together to remember all the good and appreciate what we have.
It was a good morning - perhaps too good because it left me at a loss for words to find something to say here - something other than my own selfish pursuits - Perhaps a huge thank you to all those past, present and future who care enough to give their all for our beloved country, The United States of America.


Charmaine said...

Moving and simply wonderful.
Thank you for stopping by my blog site. This gives us an opportunity to be friends.

Word Crafter said...

Thanks for checking out my blog Charmaine and your kind comments. I visited your website and signed up for your book club =-)