Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Qutters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

You heard about the guy who gave up on his gold mine one foot before the biggest vein in Gold Rush History didn't you? I was reminded of that the other day while reading Success Principles (Ya, the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy Jack Canfield)--Don't quit too soon. How do you tell when is too soon. I guess the headline of this blog post tells you -- Quitters never win and WINNERS NEVER QUIT.

Yesterday we went shopping and spent nearly the whole day gone. So I decided our little cat needed a toy for being home all alone all day by herself. (No she's not spoiled, {grin}.)

Long story short - what does this have to do with quitting, hang in there I'll tell you. She chews anything with a string. Buy her a mouse toy and she'll chew off the tail before you can count to five. You can't take it away from her she is like the coil of a slinky toy - impossible. She will chew the strings off a rug, the tassles off anything. No strings allowed where this cat is.

Well, we got her her first toy that hangs from a suction cup,pole and elastic string, you know with the elastic string that makes her jump and tug and play for hours. Not our Lady Slipper. She always goes for the source when she plays. She attacks the source making the movement not the toy - strangest thing. Anyway, she grabs the fish toy on her first swipe and pulls it down and holds it down while she chews the string. We tried everything to get her to stop but she wouldn't. So I thought in 3 minutes her new toy will be done. Guess what she quit - she quit with one nylon thread holding the toy to the post. One single thread that a breath of wind could have broken. She quit too soon. It reminded me I better not quit - my success could be just over the next horizon.

So could yours. Quitters never win. Onward and upward. Never give up, it may be that last nylon thread barely holding you back.

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Kathie said...

Nice post. Enjoyed it.
Blessings from Costa Rica