Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snow Use Procrastinating

"Ideas are a dime a's the passion that publishers are looking for." Says one writing guru. That is so true. If you start your story out with and idea and six little key points you will be ready to roll.

What are those key points? Do you remember the journalist questions you were told to answer? try this on your story before you begin writing.


That's it. And after you get that written you just fill in the holes. Sounds easy doesn't it? I have written three books that will help you do that. Put them on your Christmas list and you'll be ready to roll by January 1st.

Writing Wide, Exercises in Creative Writing
ISBN 1-4137-0092-6 [Filbert]

Characters In Search of An Author
ISBN 978-1932794151 [Filbert]

Spice Up Your Writing! Write to Entice
ISBN 978-0-6151-7533-1 []

These are sure to get you started and help you keep going. So all you need to do is add your own passion by writing about something that moves you deeply. It may be a mystery that has other reasons for being, domestic abuse, drug abuse or some other social ill. It may be a non-fiction book, a cookbook, a how to craft or garden book, it may be a poetry book--but if you add your need, your zest, your personal fingerprint to it -- it is a sure fire winner.
Good Luck!

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