Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't Just Sit There!


When you’ve finished a project, it doesn’t mean you should just sit there and wait until someone buys it before you begin anew. What if it’s rejected? That’s always a possibility. Then of course, you already have another place in mind where you’ll immediately send it back out again, don’t you? If not! Why not? You must keep it circulating, but in the mean time…

There is also the possibility that it could be accepted, in which case you’ll want to have something in progress to offer the publisher, since it could be anywhere from a year to two years before it actually gets published. Think of the number of times you’ve seen where someone gets a book deal with one of the Harlequin imprints or some other major publisher and its always a multi book contract/advance. Rarely, it seems now days, a single title.

Regardless, you should be constantly using your writing skills anyway. Like a well-oiled machine, constant use makes sure you are ready to write. No writer should think that writing one book will keep him solvent for the rest of his life. No matter how successful your first, fifth or fortieth book may be, you’ll still need to, you’ll want to, write again and again. It’s the writing everyday that makes you a writer. Remember no excuses. Keep writing your fans expect it – or they will once they read your first book. Don’t disappoint them.

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